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4 season sticker and storm window questions

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  • 4 season sticker and storm window questions

    My questions are for the 2000-2006 19B models, are all the campers 4 seasons or was that an option to get tank heaters or furnace heat around the tanks? From what I can tell from the brochures there is not an option for that and I get the impression all the trailers are considered 4 season
    seems like some I see have a 4 season sticker on the side and others don't , dont know if that is just sticker difference per year and not really any difference in the trailers

    and can someone show a pic or explain what storm windows are vs regular windows

    i would love to have dual pane but don't see that as an option in the brochure on the 2003 and 2004 i am wanting to look at

    thanks for any info

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    I do not remember any trailers with the option to not be 4 season. Back in the day Nash trailer line had a lot of options while Arctic Fox came already with most options but the 4 season part was a std feature of both lines with the furnace being the tank heating system by enclosing the tanks and putting a non-controlled vent into that enclosed area. The add on 12v/120v tank heaters became an option at some point as an additional tanking heater to the furnace heating them. ? hope that makes sense.
    Storm windows were single pane windows with an additional pane you could clip on to them to make them function similarly to duel pane windows and when not in use you stored them in the trailer.
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      great, thank you for that info

      on the storm windows is that something i can purchase now or was it only a few years and that is not a replaceable item ?