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Front Landing jacks tripping breaker

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    Originally posted by RCKIN View Post

    Your Bussman for the landing legs is most likely correctly wired, on our 2016 27-5L there are a number of circuits that are powered directly from the batteries and not powered down when the factory 12V disconnect switch is used. These are mainly circuits needed to hook/unhook and transport the trailer. So landing legs and leveling systems would still have power as well as the emergency break away switch to activate the brakes even if the disconnect is activated. This allows you ( or a transporter without keys to the trailer) to hook up and transport the trailer with the 12V power disconnect activated. Also powered directly from the batteries on our 27-5L are the slide controls, but the activation signal for the slide control relays gets shut off by the main disconnect so the slides motor's can't be activated if the 12V power disconnect is in use.
    Thanks, I guess that makes sense for ease from a transport standpoint and also from a thief's standpoint. Ours looks to be the same. Easy to change at the 12v power disconnect if I want t make it one step harder to gain towing access.
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      When I wired in and relocated my Lithium batteries I added a resettable circuit breaker to that circuit to protect the wire going to the old battery compartment breaker. ( It also allows me to kill power to that area when I'm working in there.
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