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  • New threads not posting

    I have had this issue in the past and just left it thinking it was a temporary glitch. But it happened again yesterday with my thread about the solar mock-up and today with the coroplast cutout thread. Both were in the sub-forum for Appliances, Propane, and Electrical. Maybe that is the common denominator?

    When posting a new thread in that sub-forum, it does not become visible on the forum until I post a reply to the thread. The only way I can see the post is to access it through my control panel "Recent Posts", it wont show up on the general forum or in "latest posts". I posted a new thread and about 20 minutes later it still did not show. But as soon as I posted a reply, it immediately came up on the forum. Odd behavior.

    2001 F-350 V-10 4X4 CC 64,000 miles
    2018 Nash 26N
    2015 Nash 17K Previous