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  • Satisfaction with AF 25W

    My wife & I are thinking of moving up slightly from a 25P to a 25W. How have others found it? Our interest is more counter space for cooking & more interior storage for clothes & appliances. Our hope is that it would be easier to live in for us because we're full-timers. We're also thinking of a a 27-5L but worry we'd lose the moving storage locker of our truck bed. Suggestions & personal experiences welcome.
    Arctic Fox 25W 2018
    Dual 6V batteries, Husky Center Line 31390
    Ford F250 CC 6.7 Powerstroke Lariat 2011

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    I wrote this on another (similar) thread:

    There is an absolute ton of storage available under the seat of the sofa - we can pack all my "big" computer gear - typically two bankers' boxes - plus a monitor, DW's sewing machine and a few odds and sods under there. At the back of the sofa against the wall we store a large folding table that DW sews on. All my small bits and pieces ended up above the dinette.

    For the pantry area, we found some plastic units at Walmart that were like a small frame with a drawer. They're about 6x6 and as deep as the cupboard. The nice thing? One frame and drawer fit perfectly on each shelf, with enough room for a second "drawer" (without the frame) on top - for two levels of storage on each shelf. The bottom one of each we use for heavier stuff as it can't fall out of the shelf.

    We've added shelves to the bedroom closets and a couple of storage pieces above the bed. Underneath the bed we have large tubs - they have less than 1/2" space to the bottom of the bed board. We can fit two of those and two slightly smaller ones. The pass-through holds all the rest and we hang a laundry bag in the shower. The rest of the storage is pretty obvious and we've done nothing to it.

    I had the same 30' "maximum" imposed on me. Also a requirement not to have the seating and dining next to each other, so the 28F was "out" for us. We had that in SOB and found we didn't like the arrangement in the end.

    We were on the road for 4 1/2 months two years ago and lacked for nothing. And we had tons of space left over. (And the added bonus of the back of the truck with a TT is a boon over a '5er. Tools, generator and general crap end up there.)

    The kitchen counter is a tad small - and I'm an ardent cook, so can use it all, and still, even when winter camping, can manage fine. I would, however, like to add a flip-up counter to the right side of the kitchen counter (yes, it will fit in the space without being in the slide's way when down) just to provide some additional stash space while cooking, but it's not "necessary".

    We are, once again, out on the road and have been for the past two and a bit months, with a few weeks to go this trip - a bit over 10K km (about 6.5K mi) so far. No change in our opinion. We've now added 160W Solar (GoPower) and a 1000W inverter, but still on 2x6V batteries. We never lack for power unless there's no sun for more than a couple of days; we can boondock or dry camp for up to a week without dealing with dumping; we can camp comfortably in cold weather (-11C was our worst so far). I can't think of what people do with those giant rigs - this one goes anywhere without too much pain, cleans up easily and seems pretty robust. Quality has been generally good, with the usual small pains. I've added rigid insulation in the passthrough and in the outside compartments under the benches for the dinette.

    PM me if you want pics or have any other questions not relevant to the general discussion and I'll answer what I can.
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      Hi Rural_Canuck --
      Thank you so much for your reply & we hope your journey goes well.
      -- mrcats
      Arctic Fox 25W 2018
      Dual 6V batteries, Husky Center Line 31390
      Ford F250 CC 6.7 Powerstroke Lariat 2011


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        Thanks for your great reply.
        Arctic Fox 25W 2018
        Dual 6V batteries, Husky Center Line 31390
        Ford F250 CC 6.7 Powerstroke Lariat 2011


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          When I stepped into the 25W, I knew at once that this was the trailer for us. We will be in it for months at a time. I was amazed at the storage and I love to cook so the counter space in the kitchen area is greatly appreciated. I too appreciate having the space available in the bed of my pickup that a travel trailer provides. We expect delivery in June 2018.
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            We went back and forth on 25W vs 25Y vs 5ver. We decided on the 27-5L which was your other choice vs the 25W. We loved the 25W for the storage space and the kitchen. We loved the 25Y for the rear window. We loved the 27-5L for the storage, big tanks, towing stability, and usability with the slides in.

            After having traveled since picking up Fiona in July, here's some random one-liner thoughts:

            Good Stuff
            Large tanks
            82 gal fresh, 65 gal black, 67+35 gal gray, 80 lbs of propane
            Lots of storage
            Very roomy living area with slides out
            Very livable with main slide in.
            Full kitchen use, Recliners, TV, Table
            Lose access to the big pantry and one drawer stack
            Under 30' for National and State Parks
            @ 4ft sits over the truck bed making the truck + rv total length reasonable for tight camping spots
            enclosed dual entry bathroom (same as 25W)
            this is important for us because I'm usually up 4 hours before dw bats an eyelash
            Very stable towing. I mean rock solid.
            Excellent ground clearance. Single center door, and springs above axles.
            I'm told the hitching up is easier but have no basis for comparison with a TT
            Less Good Stuff
            Exterior Height is always a factor... @13'3"
            Think trees, underpasses, gas station overheads
            TV rear axle weight limits dictates more expensive TV.
            Single center door means that bedroom emergency egress is out the window... above the propane tanks
            Fifth Wheel hitch required and sits in the middle of your truck bed
            I have an 8ft bed with a Retrax Pro Tonneau cover so generators, compressors, yada yada
            can ride in the front of my bed and be covered by the tonneau cover.
            Washing, Waxing, Roof inspection is a bigger deal due to height

            25W, imho
            Same bathroom setup as 27-5L
            Ample Storage
            Bedroom and rear entry/exit
            Nice Kitchen
            Lower Height for gas stations, tunnels, washing, waxing
            Less expensive TV required
            Smaller tanks and less storage than 5ver
            Longer TV + RV total length

            Steve and Shelley. Minnesota
            2017 RAM 3500 LLH CC 4x4 LB DRW 6.7ctd Aisin 4.10 Air Level aka Shrek
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            , 440AH Lifeline AGM, aka Fiona


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              MnSteve — Thanks for your pros & cons. We’ve been going back & forth with the AF 25W & AF 27-5L, too. I haven’t looked at the rear axle rating of our truck. That might rule out the 27-5L. Thanks again.
              — mrcats
              Arctic Fox 25W 2018
              Dual 6V batteries, Husky Center Line 31390
              Ford F250 CC 6.7 Powerstroke Lariat 2011


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                Good summary mnSteve - very thoughtful!

                There are two things that ruled out those units (and others) for us -- different ones in each case, but both go to living space and design:

                In the 27-5L the dining table is beside the couch. This (for us) is an awkward arrangement as it is difficult for visitors, when we have them -- seldom, but we did yesterday in the 25W and three sat on the couch and two at the dinette, opposite each other, with food and (ahem) beer between. We had an SOB that had seating beside seating previously and grew to really not like it.

                In the 25Y there is too much space wasted in the bathroom - it's just too big in that respect; we'd rather have storage instead, which is what the 25W has.

                What sold us on the 25W is that all spaces are dual-use; passageway as well as task-centric and we thought that to be quite efficient. (Accountants think that way ha ha.)

                As always - our preferences may just be good for us. You will have to think carefully about how you live, work, clean and use space to see if any of those apply to you. We must have looked at 100 different designs over the time when we changed out our SOB for Foxy - it wasn't an easy process!
                2015 AF 25W
                Ford F250, 6.2l gas
                Blue Ox SwayPro (1,500 lb)
                along with Wendy and Dobby, the Labradoodle house elf.