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Site Access Permissions & Renewal Procedures

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  • Site Access Permissions & Renewal Procedures

    Membership levels

    Unregistered Guests
    Read only the following forums(unless other wise noted)
    -Vendor forum
    -Classified Forum (read & respond to ad's)
    -Terms & Conditions Forum
    -General Forum
    -Campground, Routes & Trip Diary Forum
    -Lets Hook up Forum

    Basic (free) membership includes
    Read only (unless otherwise noted) the following forums
    -NROA Site fees & Site News
    -NROA Vendor Section
    - Read & Post
    -What's New with Northwood
    -Suggestion Box
    -General Discussion
    -Campgrounds, Routes & Trip Diary
    -Truck Camper - Read & Post Reply's only - can not start topics
    -Toy Haulers
    - Read & Post
    -Lets Hook up
    - Read & Post
    -Message Board Support Questions - Read & Post
    -Classified Section - Read ,Respond & post to classified ad's - Read & Post

    Free Site trail period = Member
    Same as Site Supporter

    Site Supporter (paid member)
    Its very easy to upgrade your membership to fully enjoy the site and get access to all its features.
    -Read all Forums
    -Post new topics in all forums
    -Reply to all topics in all forums
    -Reply to posts
    -View thumbnails
    -Store up to 150 private messages
    -Download items from the download section (ie Service manuals, Past years brochures)
    -Your own Blog space
    -Post your own RV related polls on the Polls Forum
    -Use of the Private Message feature.
    -4X6 Group decal- (Please email me with your name, mailing address & Paypal receipt # separately after you complete your Paypal transaction).
    All this for only $1.66 a month, which figure out to being $20 a year.
    -Eligible to attend annual La Grande Oregon Northwood Owners Rally

    Friends of NROA can:
    1. View All Users can view all forums except forums that have this option unchecked.
    2. View Others' Topics Users can see topics posted by others
    3. Reply to Others' Topics Users can reply to topics posted by other users if of course they can view them in the first place (see right above).
    4. Post Attachments Users can post attachments in replies related to the topic at hand.
    5. Download Attachments Users can download attachments.
    6. Search Users can search.
    7. View Who's Online Users can view who's online.
    8. Private Messaging Users can send each other private messages to keep in touch with their friends made on NROA
    9. They will have access to the classified sections as well.
    (1)Soon to be owners defined: If you do not purchase a Northwood product within one year of joining the group to research the product your membership will be terminated. Your membership will be renewed upon request by you after you have purchased a qualifying Northwood product.
    Friends of NROA can not:
    1. They will not be allowed to display their New Non-Northwood RV in their signature line
    2. They will not be allowed to start new topics
    3. They will not be allowed to display or ask questions about their new Non-Northwood RV
    If you have sold your Northwood and moved on to another brand but want to continue to hang out here please let me know. If you are just in-between Northwood purchases then you need not do anything but if you have not repurchased a Northwood product within 12 months of the sale of your unit you will be moved to the Friends category.

    Site Fee procedure
    Site fee payment procedure
    To upgrade or renew your membership using PayPal
    1. Log in
    2. Click on the down arrow next to your username in the upper right corner of the screen.
    3. Click on "User Settings"
    4. Click on the "Subscriptions" tab
    5. Select 1yr from the Northwood Rv Owners Association Annual Membership Fees drop down menu. and click on the $20 amount
    6. Next click on the PayPal and click on Order. You will now be taken to your PayPal account. Just follow the instructions their to complete the payment.

    For those of you with in the USA who do not wish to pay on line you can simply mail a $20 check to me at the following address and once received I will update your settings or if you email me that it is on its way I will update it sooner. PLEASE MAKE the check payable to ADAM SHERMAN and INCLUDE YOUR USERNAME ON THE CHECK!
    I can not accept any checks or money orders from outside of the USA anymore. Not even if they are made out in US funds.

    Make checks payable to Adam Sherman and mail to

    Adam Sherman
    530 N. Roosevelt
    Walla Walla WA 99362

    Please remember to include your username on the check.

    Thank you for your support of this site and if you have any questions just email me
    2007 Dodge 2500 Megacab 5.9 3.73 4X4 4SPD auto
    07 Arctic Fox 31W-BH 35' Hensley Hitch/Brake Smart Controller - Access site with Desktop win10 machine
    07 AF31W Mod's
    Previous trailer 03 Arctic Fox 29V