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  • No access for subcriber

    Last summer I joined the forum with the free access and let that lapse since I had no access to actual AF trailers since we live in the Deep South. As such I discontinued my search and consideration of the Northwood products. Fast forward to now and my search is resumed. I activated my paid subscription a couple days ago with a PayPal payment BUT I have no access to post on any sub-forums except this one and some classifieds. Many of the sub-forums show hundreds of posting/threads but nothing can be viewed.

    What has to happen to use the forum features? PayPal payment is confirmed and the member list shows me as active.

    Thanks and actively researching the AF 29-5T.
    2007 motorhome, 2012 Wrangler "toad", SOB 5th wheel (SOLD and awaiting replacement 29-5T???), 2017 Ram 3500

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    Below is a copy of the email I sent you this morning with part of your email address removed.

    The system did not update automatically as you paid paypal from an email address ( ) then what you have saved in your NROA profile which is . I have manually updated you. If you want to update your email address in your profile I have put the steps below.
    -Log in
    -Click on down arrow next to username
    -Select "User Settings"
    -Scroll down and click on "Account tab"
    -Now enter your new email address and re-enter your new email address
    -Scroll down to bottom of page and click on "Save Changes"

    Thank you for your help supporting the site.

    2007 Dodge 2500 Megacab 5.9 3.73 4X4 4SPD auto
    07 Arctic Fox 31W-BH 35' Hensley Hitch/Brake Smart Controller - Access site with Desktop win10 machine
    07 AF31W Mod's
    Previous trailer 03 Arctic Fox 29V