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How to create your signature.

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  • How to create your signature.

    Thanks for the work to bring the site up and running again. Personally, I like it.

    Just a wee bit o' learning-curve to find and reactivate the signature for new posts going forward. For those wanting to bring back their sig, try these easy-to-follow steps:

    1) Go to your user name at the very upper right of the site page, and select "My Profile".

    2) Now select "Edit Settings" near the bottom left of the profile page.

    3) Under "User Settings" you should see 4 header items, in this order: Profile - Account - Notifications - Subscriptions. Click on the "Account" item.

    4) Scroll down until you see "Conversation Detail Options" item on the left side of the page, and check the box next to "Show Signatures." At this point, you can also click "Edit Post Signature" to see if your old sig carried over. Mine did. [note: it takes a few moments for the old sig to load into the edit field, so give it a second or two.]

    5) BEFORE leaving the "Account" page, be sure to click "Save Changes" located at the top and the bottom of the page.

    That's it. Sig restored, as I am hoping shows up in this post.

    Also a worthy note - when you select "Latest Activity" tab just above the "post reply" button the signatures do not show but once you change it to "Posts" they will show.
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    Newbie question: I'm trying to update and edit my profile. I'm confused by the signature ( where and when it shows up) and site supporter, member?
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