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Recipes Section?

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  • Shotgun
    Well your talking my language now. I am not sure we would get the response here that you would think, if I remember right I had a cookbook a number of years back on this site and we deleted it as nobody would participate. But it would not be a big deal to add one since I already have the scripting to make it happen.

    In the meantime, if you or anyone else is interested, I have my online cookbook that you are welcome to take a look at and give me feedback on my recipes. They are balsamic vinegar based as that is what we do, but there are some FANTASTIC recipes there to share. If we did add a coocbook to this site this would be the format that we would use.

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  • Steamguy
    started a topic Recipes Section?

    Recipes Section?

    Just thought I'd make the suggestion; there doesn't appear to be a Recipes section in the boards.

    I have a few to share, and I'm sure that others do also... Would be fascinating to see what turns up in here.

    I'd suggest that we not limit it to just "camping" recipes, because some of us do some serious cooking in our well-laid-out galleys.

    In thinking about the "bigger things", once we did part of the catering for a wedding from our old Fox. WHAT an adventure that was...
    But "dialing it back a bit", I've also carted along my infrared turkey fryer and done chicken, even burgers, with it.