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Lost all my mod photos

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    Don't be lulled into a false sence of security with the Mac, counting my two daughters we have 5 Mac's, 3 laptops, 1 iMac and a Mac mini server. We have had a couple of hard drive failures, the iMac has had the most. An external hard drive with automatic back up is your best bet and the easiest to rebuild a new hard drive from. You can buy terabyte hard drives for less than you could buy megabyte hard drives 5 years ago and with music, photos and movies the terabyte is your best move. A lot of data lost if it crashes. Stay with brand names, someone with more knowledge than I of quality can chime in here. I have a terabyte portable drive on my daughters iMac and when it crashed Mac replaced the drive on the computer and it took about 2 hours to rebuild it back to original. Depending on how deep your pockets, multiple backups wouldn't hurt. I use an older 250 zip drive for additional backup on my financial files. With the low cost of some of the name brand computers a second computer with your basic programs that will run your essential data, financials, isn't too far out of the question.
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      Consider keeping the backup external drive unplugged from power when not backing up. I backup once a week then remove the power as a power surge which we frequently get could take out the computer drive and the backup if it is powered up. Yes it becomes a manual operation but I have a reminder on my outlook calendar to backup every Monday. If you have a UPS then this is not necessary.

      Just another level of comfort for me.
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        Here is an example of what is available easily....

        Also available from Costco, Best Buy, Sams etc.
        I would stick with Name brand i.e.: Western Digital, Toshiba or the like

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          I am presently using Carbonite. Seems to work well while setting up a new computer or restoring old files. I don't know if it is possible but I would like to set up a wireless external hard drive that will do my backups on a schedule the same way that Carbonite does.

          Sorry to here about you losing your pictures. I learned a lot about backing up when I first got into computers (don't ask me how I know). When I was working in a sawmill before I retired I was taking care of the computers. I would make a backup of my files and put them on 4 or 5 different computers for safe keeping on a regular basis. My daughter bought me a Swiss army knife that had a little light and a thumb drive in it as well as knife and scissor. She thought it was funny and called me a "GEEK". That little Swiss army knife was my brain, I loved it.

          Back up, Back up, Back up, Back up, Back up!

          If it ain't broke, work on it until it is!
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            Ken, Housted.....all the other puter main focus would be to preserve all my photos (I take thousands, literally!) and to keep control of them. I think I've already learned a lot from this thread but what I need to know now is would the Toshiba 3TB Canvio Desk Desktop External Hard Drive (Black/Black) (HDWC130XK3J1) be a good fit for my Toshiba lap top and knowing that it's primarily for photos? It's a 3 terabyte for $120 on Amazon and looks to have fairly good reviews.


            Here's an alternative that says it works with desktop or laptop.....a bit higher rating score....
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              I have two external hard drives. One is older (0.3 GB) and has to be connected to the laptop with a USB cord. I tend to not use it often enough for back ups because I have to get it, plug it in and then connect it to the computer.

              Six months ago I bought a Western Digital Live Book hard drive (2 or maybe 3 GB, I can't remember). It can connect to the wireless home network with an ethernet cable to the wireless router or directly to the computer with the ethernet port on the computer. It came with software to back up the whole hard drive or files chosen by me. Once the initial back up is done it continuously backs up changed files in real time with no involvement on my part. Of course, it must start every time the computer is turned on and I haven't figured out how to automate that yet. I have tested the process by creating new files and then looking for them in the back up set. It works. But, I have not used the backed up files to recreate an image of the hard drive. I also have used click and drag to move files from the laptop to the wireless hard drive to create back ups.

              There are some problems. Windows 7 home edition will not recognize a networked hard drive, either directly connected or wirelessly connected, and so the back up function of Win 7 will not work in the home edition. The backup program provided is a little clunky and I had to call customer service to get it working but now it works easily.

              JCZ- If you are willing to put up with the hassle of connecting the hard drive to the computer I think any external hard drive from a well known manufacturer will work. My problem is that I am lazy and tend to procrastinate. It is better for me to automate the process. That is possible with a cabled hard drive but that goes against the portability of the laptop.
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                Dave had a second internal hard drive added to his new computer. It backs up automatically through windows backup. He discovered his external Seagate back up wasn't backing up! Our computer tech took the Seagate and $45 and installed the 2nd HD on the computer he had built for Dave a few months ago. I have an external large backup drive (Hitachi) that I can use to back up both my PC and laptop. I don't use the PC as much and it is shut off when not in use, so usually back up at least once a week manually.
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                  I would like to return to the "insecurities" of hosted photos for a moment. My DW has been blogging since '09 and since it is targeted toward a specific audience, she sometimes illustrates using an open source or stock photo service where the only requirement is perhaps listing the photographer's name/contact in a credit line (which she does). She has occasionally perused her archived topics only to find the little red-x-box or a full size black box with a question mark in the center where the photo was.

                  This raises a question in our minds as to whether the photographer moved his photos out of that hosting service, or possibly his account was closed for lack of dues payment--or for lack of account activity on a free site? Has anyone experienced the latter, that is, files dumped for lack of activity?

                  There seems to me, nothing secure about online storage whether it be my own data or someone elses. One would be more likely to expect a hacking incident than an entire site being closed the way Webshots was (actually converted to a pay site with insufficient notice/warning of impending consequences).

                  So we plan to more and more eschew the biggest most popular web services and software because they seem no more reliable, plus they tend to draw the most concentrated fire from the hacker community--especially when they appear archaic or exhibit a tendency for market dominence.

                  All the above reminds me that when we are off camping, I don't miss the internet, and other than a trip to the local library to check email and see what you all are up to on NROA, I could do without it entirely--until of course, something breaks and I need to know how to fix it.
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