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How to add an Avatar to your profile

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    To load your avatar, go to the "My Profile" page. You can get there by clicking on your profile name in the post above. Once there, hover your mouse pointer over the Avatar image location, you should get a small pop up text that says "edit Avatar", click it and you will get a pop up to load your Avatar image.

    To load my Signature Picture, I had to do a couple of things. First I had to resize the photo I wanted to use so it didn't come through to large. I found setting the height to about 150 pixels looked good and didn't take up to much space in the post. The image of my truck and 27-5L in my signature is 300 x 145 pixels. Once you have a scaled image for your Sig Pic, go to the users settings page to select "Edit Post Signature" . Select the upload attachment Icon in the upper right of the edit post pop up, it's right next to the letter "A" and smiley face icon. Browse to and select your resized image. Once you've selected your image, you should see it below the popup, click on the word "Thumbnail" to load it into your signature. Hope that helps.

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    How to add an Avatar to your profile

    VBulletin has not supplied a new video - see next post for good instructions