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Adam's 2017 NROA Rally - La Grande, Oregon - June 20th - June 25th

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  • Adam's 2017 NROA Rally - La Grande, Oregon - June 20th - June 25th

    The format for the rally is always the same on the date - rally is first Tuesday following Fathers day which this year is Tuesday June 20th - Sunday June 25th.

    The rally is not about getting your unit fixed by Northwood- that should be done at your local dealer before you head out. If you really need Northwood to fix something then you need to schedule far in advance as they have limited time slots available during the rally. Also Northwood no longer has the personnel available to come out to the park and fix things for you so do not count on it happening.

    We will be gathering at Grande Hot Springs Resort (formally Eagles Hot Lake RV Park) Their contact # (541) 963-5253 and they will start taking your reservation after Jan 1. Contact them directly to make arrangement for a site. When you make your reservations make sure you tell them you are with the "Northwood Rv Owners Association" and are attending the 2017 rally. AARP, AAA or Good Sam discounts available. There is space for 75 units and it's a first come first serve so get your forms into me early.

    As of 06/15/07 there are still three spots open due to cancellations.

    Please read below

    Once I start taking sign ups for the rally(after January 1st 2017)The park will hold your spot for 30 day but if I do not have your form in my hand within that time period the site reservation will be cancelled and available for the next person who calls. So make sure once your get that site reserved you get that sign up form to me.

    Directions to the RV park from La Grande:
    Exit #265 off of highway 84 by flying J station
    At the stop sign at the bottom of the exit ramp turn right(south) onto 203 for 5-7 miles. RV Park is on right down short 1/4 mile gravel road.

    Early bird Activities for Monday.

    Monday - 19th
    10:00am . This years ride will be depending on snow melt off. Having gotten a nice snow pack this year and uncertain when it will melt back enough to allow me to find a new trail will be key in where we end up. Planning on heading to the same area that can accommodate motorcycles, 4 wheelers & side by sides under 50" as last year up Lad Canyon. We will line up at the fountain by the main office just before time to head out.
    If you don't have a ATV permit you will need to get one. If you have one from another state then you may not need to get one for Oregon. Click on this link and see if the state of Oregon honors it.
    Also Oregon has a Safety card that is required - not sure it this applies to out of state persons. The info in at this link

    If your current permit is not honored by the state of Oregon you just need to have your vin # and stop by AC Power Motor sports (next to Thunder RV & Walmart) 10701 WALTON RD, LA GRANDE, OR 97850 | (541) 663-1111 and pick one up. They are $10.50 and good for two years.

    6:00pm - Dinner at Mamacita’s (kinda like a Denny's) - If you are showing up make sure you make reservations through me by replying to the email I sent or just email me with names so I can keep count. There is limited space so its first come first serve via signing up with me.

    Tuesday - 20th : Arrival day

    1:00pm - Bingo in Eagles Nest building

    7:00pm - Welcome gathering - Rally Overview & Introductions in the Eagles Nest - First off I will be giving you all info about what's going on during the week and answering any questions you may have. Then we will all introduce ourselves.

    Wednesday - 21st

    9:00am - Cathy Nowak presents Walking tour of Ladd Marsh - Meet at the Eagle Nest. Bring your binoculars, insect repellent and good walking shoes. Plus consider wearing long pants as you will be walking though tall grasses Appox 1.25 miles

    10:00am - Inside Northwood's Dealer Training Program / Building 'Northwood Awareness'
    The Sales Team offers continuous training for their network of dealer partners. Today they will offer us inside peek of how they prepare a dealership's sales team.- Fun trivia quiz following...Really
    NROA & Northwood Trivia. Come test your knowledge of both NROA and Northwood. A quiz sheet will be given to each couple (rig.) This will be a presentation only done by Northwood and not a Q&A. If you have any comments questions for Northwood please contact them directly to address these concerns.

    1:30pm - Ice Cream Social - Meet at Eagle Nest. There will be Ice Cream (sugar free vanilla as well) with all the fixens to make a great sundae as well as all kinds of fresh fruit. Come and enjoy some great time together! Bowls, napkins & Silverware are provided

    2:30pm - White Elephant gift exchange UNDER THE BIG TOP by the Eagle Nest. You don't have to participate; you can watch the fun but HAVE to bring something if you want something. This activity has become quite popular/lengthy so this year I will be limiting the gifts to one gift per RV site, no exceptions.
    You give a wrapped gift and you receive one. The most fun ones are those where people are getting rid of something they don't want or use (new or in good shape is preferable) or an unwanted Christmas present. If purchasing something for this please keep the gifts worth to under $10.00. Could be a vase, knickknack, cd's, Tire pump, Purple Pig, Arctic Fox fix-it-kit, anything like that.

    6:30pm - Mud-on-the-Tires Route to Full Timing presented by Arleen & Shawn. They have a active blog HERE

    Thursday - 22nd:

    8:00am - 1:00pm - Ladies social gathering and crafts in the Eagles Nest Back Room.

    10:00am - 11:00am - Paul Unmack from ARP will be conducting a Webinar for us on the effects of excessive heat in the fridge which leads to damage.
    Followed by - The all important Demonstration of resealing your trailer! Lippert will be in the Eagle Nest building and the resealing will be out front of the building.

    1:30 - Golf closes to pin chipping contest - This is open to everyone who wishes to try. There will be two chipping challenges set up and three prizes. If you are a golfer and have your own chipping club feel free to bring it and if you don't I will have some there for all to share. Golf balls will be provided.

    3:00pm - Northwood factory tour. Meet outside of Northwood's office @ 2:45pm

    5:00pm Potluck Dinner - Coffee will be available. Please feel free to bring what ever you want, whether that be a main dish, vegetable , bread or dessert. Variety is the key to a good potluck! Take your dish with serving utensil to the canopy behind the Eagles Nest. There someone will direct you where to place it. Now return to the main building and have a seat for some brief announcements before you are excused by rows to serve yourself.
    Plates, napkins & Silverware are provided.
    Also label food dishes if they contain, nuts/dairy/soy/shell fish/mushrooms or if gluten free

    7:00pm Movie night - John Wayne in McLintock
    Popcorn will be provided but you will need to bring your own beverage

    8:30pm- Campfire

    Friday - 23rd:

    9:00am - SkyMed - Bruce and Pauline Pokallus from SkyMed will be doing a presentation for Emergency Travel Evacuation. Its quite an impressive program, please come on down to the Eagles nest and give them some of your time. Coffee & dounuts/muffins and will also be available.

    10:30 - Bingo in the Eagle Nest

    1:00 - 2:30pm - Seminars this year will be on your personal safety

    - Safety seminars -
    Personal Safety = Presented by local sheriff office
    Fire Safety = Presented by La Grande fire department

    3:30pm - Northwood factory tour. Meet outside of Northwood's office @ 3:15pm

    7:00pm - Social gathering in the Eagle Nest.
    Bring your favorite beverage and glass along with an appetizer with serving spoon(plate/napkins/silverware provided) Chat with your fellow RV'ers about 30 minutes in we will play a fun game called Transfer the cotton ball!

    8:30pm- Campfire

    Saturday - 24th:
    9:00am - 11:00am Ladies Social Gathering and Crafts in the Eagles Nest. Everyone welcome. Please come on over and see what's going on. Bring your own project, sewing machines, crochet hooks or any other things you might want to work with during this time or just come by to chat as this is more about socializing and connecting then any thing else. Besides the more the merrier!

    La Grande farmers market - On the corner of 4th and Adams

    9:30 am - Torklift - Come hear about the history of this Pacific Northwest company and see some of their products.

    12:00pm- Northwood BBQ in Eagles Nest - Northwood & crew will be hosting a BBQ as well as a Raffle drawing with gifts given away.
    EVERYONE WEAR YOUR RALLY TEE SHIRTS PLEASE as we will be taking a group photo before we eat!

    1:00pm approx. Northwood raffle - Everyone gets a prize!

    8:30pm- Campfire Let all get together around the final nights campfire and share our last night together.

    Sunday - 25th:

    8:30am- Farewell Potluck Breakfast in community building, while this maybe early for some of you, many attendees have to get an early start to head home. Please feel free to bring whatever you would like, after all variety is the key to a good potluck!
    Plates, napkins & Silverware are provided.
    Also label food dishes if they contain, nuts/dairy/soy/shell fish/mushrooms or if gluten free

    Clean up and depart - Please all that can, pitch in and help us clean up the rally building after

    If for some reason you can not down load the sign up form at the bottom of this post, just email me at and I will reply with the form attached.
    if you have your access set up to "latest activity" instead of "post' you will not see any attachments or signatures. So just above the left side of this post make sure you have the "post" tab high lighted. If unsure then just click on the "post" tab.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2017-Map_Website.jpg Views:	1 Size:	789.5 KB ID:	244580

  • Chuckles
    Thanks Adam.

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  • Adam
    Ok NW got right back to me via dropbox and I have uploaded the photo's. Just use the same link.

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  • Adam
    Originally posted by Chuckles View Post
    Great. Pictures were being taken of each recipient at the Northwood lottery...are they available?
    They were done by Northwood and I would have to check to see if they would share. Will shoot a quick email out and see what they say.

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  • Chuckles
    Great. Pictures were being taken of each recipient at the Northwood lottery...are they available?

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  • BZawlocki
    Originally posted by Adam View Post
    Ok just got called out on this as I forgot to go back and post the link to the rally photos!
    Nice! Thanks for posting the pics!

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  • Adam
    Ok just got called out on this as I forgot to go back and post the link to the rally photos!

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  • Waters
    Janet and I arrived back home yesterday to northern Cali. Took several extra days and a leisurely pace.
    Thanks to Adam, Donna and all the volunteers that pitched in. Adam you do a magnificent job each year and it is much appreciated. The rally was great fun with old and new friends. We will be back next year.

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  • GaryCQ
    Thanks for the write up! I wasn't able to make it this year and your write up was like I was there! So thank you.

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  • foxyrvlady
    Thanks to Adam and Donna for another successful rally! This year our truck made it over and back home without a problem--really got a test when coming home Monday in the very hot weather (once hit 101 degrees) and no overheating problems like we had been having earlier this year. We had wind problems going west on I-84 in the Columbia gorge--planned to exit at Biggs Junction on 97 to Redmond, then west on 26 over the cascades, but made the mistake of exiting at Arlington to Condon, then west to Antelope--last leg was one of the slowest roads we've ever traveled--up and down, hairpin turns, zig-and-zag--really tested the poor old truck. Probably averaged 30 mph on that section over to highway 97. Temps were in the 90's most of the time until we got to the west side of the Cascades. Boy did 77 degrees feel great when we got home! Hope all went well with all of our members as they traveled on to the next destination. Looking forward to next year.

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  • Adam

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2017 NROA Rally Group Photo.jpg Views:	2 Size:	972.8 KB ID:	253969

    2017 Our 15th Rally!!

    Below is Donna's write up

    Several people approached us this year and said how much they enjoyed the rally, and you know after a bit of thought I HAVE to say that it’s because we end up with such a nice group of people each year! We have people that jump right in and help when needed, and we have groups that are really great about welcoming in the “newbies” and then there’s even more that have expanded on the rally with a camp trip before, or a dinner afterwards! Wouldn’t you say we have an awesome R.V. family?? It does our hearts so much good to see friendships developing, and memories being made.

    This years rally started out with dinner at Mamacita’s on Monday night. They once again reserved the whole basement for our group, and we MORE than filled it! I think there were approx 60 in attendance.

    On Tuesday we finished set up and did an early bird round of Bingo with prizes handed out to the winners. There were groans across the room as someone would yell Bingo! but then a warm hearted cheer as they claimed their prize.
    Tuesday evening brought the official start to the rally with the Meet and Greet in the building. …..and we had a wireless microphone so all could hear!! Yay!
    Adam started with announcements, then the park owners Mike and Tamarah Rysavy were introduced. After that each group introduced themselves and where they were from, along with their handle on the forum. I think there were a few surprises for people to discover that someone else was there from their home area! Boise and Meridian Idaho were well represented!
    Wednesday morning started with the Ladd Marsh walk with Cathy Norwalk. There were several that joined in and walked into the Marsh area to see some of the wildlife and learn more about this area.
    At 10am Jim and Donald came from Northwood to talk to us about their formal training program from Northwood for the salespeople. They hit on a lot of good points, and train their sales people for a career, not a job. In the beginning Northwood did not want to be the biggest, they wanted to be the best. A lot of their philosophies are based on Ron Nash’s rules. A few of them were

    -Look every dealer/customer in the eye
    -Never want to have to apologize
    -Build surplus to keep employees working and anticipate additional demand

    Some of their keys to creating quality were that materials matter, a sales person should be able to sell with confidence. Also if a salesperson were to buy, Ron wanted it to be one of his!
    At 1:30 was the ice cream social!! That has to be a favorite for many! There was, hot fudge sauce, peanuts, brownies, chocolate sauce, and even whipped cream. Tons of fresh fruit were available too including Klicker strawberries, fresh blueberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, grapes, and pineapple. A very special thanks to those that joined in before, and helped to cut up all the fruit. Adam and Joe even tried a “pineapple slicer” for the first time. It took 2 people, but seemed to work pretty well.
    The White elephant followed right on the heels and was a great hit as usual. There were some nice prizes, and a few that brought a groan or two. Guess what came back? The purple pig! Several prizes were stolen and frozen, and Greg had a big story going to help remember what was stolen! Too funny. Many thanks to Ed and to Greg for helping out with their big voices.
    At 6:30 Shawn and Arlene “Mud on the tires” did a talk about full timing. They have been on the road for about 6 years now, and had good points about how to handle mail, how to down size, and even more importantly great tips on the biggest challenges. Some of those were trailer maintenance, health care, propane, and grocery shopping.

    Thursday am brought our very first webinar. Not without a few kinks for sure, but after working through those, we got to hear from Paul Unmack Owner/operator of ARP
    He was able to show us how a fridge being just 3 degrees off can overheat in a matter if minutes.

    New and different this year was the golf chipping contest. Dad headed this one up with a little help from his grandson. We had a small group show up and try their luck. We may have practiced a few times waiting for it to start too! First prize for each contest was donated by PlugitRight. Winners were Jewel, Dave, Jim, Suzy and Doyle!

    At 3pm those that were interested met at the Northwood office for a factory tour. Feed back was that the tour was great and Northwood stepped up to take care of anyone’s needs.

    Ok that evening was the pot luck dinner. Need any more be said?? There were tables and tables and tables full of food, and if you walked away hungry----!!
    It was a great turn out, and it was so good to see people enjoying themselves. A few groups even stayed late.
    We ended the evening with movie night. John Wayne in McLintock. I was watching our grand daughter who is 13, and she just kept snickering through the movie. Everyone enjoyed popcorn, and a few laughs.
    And just like that its Friday already. Time flies so fast during the rally,
    As with each day of the rally we get to start the day with fresh hot coffee, many thanks to Scott for being an early riser and making that happen. Where would we be without our morning brew?
    The ladies gathered in the back tent, and had sewing machines and irons going making gorgeous quilt projects. There was also some crocheting, cross stitching and even paper beading going on. This is a pretty talented group.
    At 9am SkyMed came for their presentation.

    10:30 was another round of Bingo! We had a full house, and even a 3 way tie on one of the games. A play off was done, and a winner named.

    1pm was Safety seminars from the Union County Sheriffs office. Craig Ward did an awesome job, and was pretty entertaining at the same time.
    A few pointers while traveling out and about.
    -Notify someone of where you are going and how long you plan to be gone.
    -Leave a clear description of your vehicle in case you come up missing.
    -Do not post your plans on Social Media
    -He was a little hesitant on this one, but he said that if you can 2 large black numbers on the back and top of your R.V. can make it much easier for an officer to spot.
    -Carry minimal cash and jewelry with you while on the road.
    -Avoid road rage when possible
    - Know where you are going, a GPS is great, but also have a paper map with you.
    -When you reach your destination don’t forget to take your keys out of your towed vehicle.
    When you are out and about on foot
    -hike in pairs if possible
    -check for a cell signal
    -Be AWARE of things around you. Take the ear buds out!
    He also went over that if you have to call 911 please know where you are, and what exactly you are calling about! Have a full description of the situation, vehicle, person ect.

    The La Grande fire dept followed up with the next class on Fires.
    We watched videos done by Mac The Fire Guy on smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and practicing using your escape window then they stood by to answer any questions anyone might have as did Greg…..Thank you Greg! All those that took the time to attend got a real eye opener on a subject most just don’t think about until they are experiencing it which is to late.

    3:30 was factory tours again. Anyone interested met at the Northwood office.

    7pm Social Night! What a great turn out! There were several tables full of amazing snacks, and many many wines to sample. What a great crowd!

    Saturday the ladies went crazy creating more beautiful things in the tent, and at 9:30 Torklift was there showing their products. They packed the room with there one day only discount offering of 41% plus free shipping. These ladies really knew the product line and company history!

    Then came Northwood feeding everyone lunch (yes we are eating again!) and the raffle that always follows. Each site won a prize, and then a drawing was done for the grand prize. Congratulations go to Jim and Penny Rutledge who won the Pit Boss Wood Pellet Grill.
    Saturday evening several gathered around the campfire with Adam wondering out at 9pm, he had fallen asleep and I was not about to wake him!

    Sunday morning those who did not need to get a early start attended the potluck breakfast at 8:30am. This is the new time comprise after several said in past years that 9am was to late and the change to 8am was to early…… Then it was all hands on deck to get everything cleaned up, as before so many helped it was done in no time flat!

    Now my turn!

    Well until next year I just wanted to say thank you to all who attended. It all went well as I know it would, some parts just took a little more effort!

    Rally photos Link

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  • mardave
    Got home to Eugene yesterday after a month long trip ending up at the rally in La Grande. This was our 7th year and we make every attempt to be there to see all of the friends and owners and to make new friends. As usual Adam and Donna do a great job and I was impressed with the presentations and everything else at the rally. Northwood is very supportive and I always feel they are the best manufacturer, bar none, of all that are out there as far as support, and building a decent and well built product. Not perfect, but neither am I! Stopped in Sisters for the night and saw my brother and made it back to Eugene on Monday by noon. Again, great rally, wonderful trip and I love my Arctic Fox!

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  • Arcticfire
    Just got back to campsite from the " after rally" dinner, we had 33 people for dinner. We went to Bud Jacksons Sportsman Bar and Grill. The whole dinning room was just our table, it was great. Thanks to Adam for a great rally and see you all next year

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  • Adam
    Ok the parents and us made it back home, got all the rally stuff put away and ready for next year. Donna is getting her rough draft of all the events written out and I will get it posted along with some photos tomorrow if I don't end up with any customers when I return to work.. I have to say for us the real fantastic finish to the BBQ and raffle was when Ron's kids drove Ron past with his window down and he was just waving away!

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  • Adam
    Thanks from Donna and I and yes a absolutely great bunch of people pitching in where ever needed! Its so awesome!!!! The week went by so fast can not believe its just the potluck breakfast and it will be time to head home.

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