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Dog ramp - multi-purpose DIY?

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  • Dog ramp - multi-purpose DIY?

    Our Labradoodle pal Dobby, has begun to show either a sprain or signs of arthritis in his hindquarters (definitely not displasia; he's been x-rayed). This means we need to come up with a multi-purpose dog what does it need to do?
    • help him up to the bed in the trailer
    • help him up to the bed in the TC (which is higher)
    • possibly to be used outside when he can no longer use the stairs into either
    • help get him into the F350, which is an increasingly difficult jump for him, even with the running boards
    We started out with a piece of 3/8" ply about 12" wide x 64" long, and added some carpeting underlay onto it. While this is OK for the "gentle" slopes, it doesn't provide him with enough grip on the "steep" ones (TC's bed or to the seat in the F350). I'm thinking we need to add either some rubber strips - we have some left over from another project - or horizontal strips of wood for him to grip. Trying to keep the whole thing very light, yet reasonably portable and useful. Weight isn't a big issue - he's only around 40 lb.

    Has anyone done this or got some thoughts on it? Most of the commercial units we've seen don't particularly appeal to us and don't seem to be able to serve multiple functions.
    2015 AF 25W
    2015 Ford F350, 6.7l diesel
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    along with Wendy and Dobby, the Labradoodle house elf.

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    One we bought in 2015
    A bit much for a 40# dog ( thanks for the # by the way )

    It has held up quite well and rides in the bed of the truck so it has been wet a few times.
    We have not used it for anything steeper than getting into the floor of the truck.

    Kinda OT but we found these help
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    My 27-5l Manual