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Ok whose dog is the best?

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  • Ok whose dog is the best?

    Mine of course. I rescued Tomas in Mexico 10 years ago. He was starving and had been hit by a car. He looked like a Bobblehead dog. Breed is "Estofado Mexicano" (Mexican stew)

    Click image for larger version

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    I soon learned he was no average dog. I have had 4 or 5 and this one is the smartest, by a couple of orders of magnitude. He has a large vocabulary in both English & Spanish. Takes about 2 or 3 minutes for him to learn something and he never does anything wrong. The moment I call him a bad dog, is the last time he does whatever it was he was doing. He also has distinct vocalizations for what he wants. He is a registered therapy dog and I used to take him into Children's hospitals and senior homes.

    Each year I take him back to Mexico. This year I took him back to the swimming pool/RV complex in Baja (el Palomar in Santo Tomas) where I found him. One of the workers recognized him and told me he was called Bandito, due his habit of stealing food from customers when they were not looking. I would have kept the name had I known.

    He enjoys the lack of silly rules in Mexico, like when I took him to happy hour at a local restaurant.

    Click image for larger version

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    He enjoys the swim up bar at Laguna del Tule, an RV park I stay at in Melaque, Mexico, but after a margarita or 2 he is blitzed.

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    I remember seeing your dog, Paul. Glad he is still going strong. Cute pictures. Of course we think our dog Magic is the best. She is the best duck retriever we've ever had--and the smartest.
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      Great post!
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        Yes very nice post, it does my heart good to read of you rescuing him and he is thriving. You are a good man.
        Regards, Bruce, Lin An & Kenji
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          Rescued dogs are the best! Ours is a rescued Corgi. He was dumped at the Seattle Animal Shelter for herding toddlers, well, duh, that's what herding dogs do. We've owned quite a few dogs over the years, all but one were rescues and Buster is by far the best traveler of all. He just curls up on his bed in the back seat and is very happy to be going with us. He loves to roll in the grass.
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            Pound puppy here too. We got Buddy several years ago. It is very evident that he has been abused by men. Very protective of me. He can growl at hubby, but then walk right up to him and demand his morning attention. He doesn't ever try to discipline with anything in his hands, poor Buddy comes unglued. We are happy to provide him his forever home. It was sad really, never been in a car before, when the wipers came on, he came uncorked. It has taken us 4 years, but he has finally decided we are ok.
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              Our special dog is Roudy. An 8 lb chihuahua rescue dog we were going to keep for a month. He had been neglected and the vet had to remove a rear leg, pull all but two teeth, and neuter all in one operation. Needless to say, he was a basket case for a month but my wife was determined to nurse him back to good health. That was three years ago. Now we travel with two Australian shepards and Roudy who runs the pac. Never thought I would like a small dog like this but rescue dogs have a way of giving all their unconditional love and then some. Roudy also has become a therapy dog and enjoys visiting older folks homes and sitting on peoples laps.
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                Good dogs make wonderful companions. I agree with the opinion here that rescued dogs are often the best. I think their prior experiences allow them to recognize and appreciate a good home with loving humans when they find one.
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                  I love that story! Makes me want another rescue too. Each are so different and so special. Our last, a Siberian husky had quite a vocabulary and could keep me laughing so hard. The best was to hear a thump thump thump and see her flying over the end of the slay bed to land on my to say good morning. Oh the memories. To good times with our pups.
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                    Golden Retriever lover here. Hard to imagine a better and more loyal companion. Our current Golden is from Guide Dogs for the Blind. We are puppy raisers for GDB and we raised her from eight weeks to 15 months when she was "career changed" due to elbow dysphasia and we adopted her back. Now she is a mentor to the puppies we raise from GDB and is a registered therapy dog through Therapy Dog International (TDI). Her specialty is giving her unconditional and pure love to patients receiving chemo at our local Cancer Center.

                    But I know that each dog lover has every reason to love their dog/s like they do with good and justified reasons. Personally, I believe that the reason rescues are such great dogs is that they KNOW you saved their lives.

                    Of the thousands of dog quotes these two are my favorite:

                    “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."

                    "If there are no dogs in heaven, then I want to go where they went."

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                      We rescued a Golden, five and half years ago. Wonderful, goofy, unpredictable companion. But he succumbed to "The Golden Curse" last February, not even making it past nine years old. When God made those four-footed bodies, he had the choice of packing them with love or lifetime. You can tell that he chose love.

                      A few days later, we rescued Dara. She's one of those "Heinz" dogs, but we think she's Aussie, Spaniel, and Golden. (Our vet told us of a test where we can find out - we're considering it.) She's a loving and an intuitive companion, but skittish in unfamiliar situations. She doesn't quite know what to think of people walking other dogs yet. She likes going camping, but really doesn't know what to do with herself while I sit and read by a fire.

                      She has earned her keep, though. The story's a bit long for the Forum, but is online here.


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                        That was some story! The link wouldn't load, but I got in through the link in your signature and scrolled down a little and found it. Yuck!! She was a good dog!!
                        Linda & Dave (retired US Army) and Magic, the Yellow Lab Duck Dog
                        2002 Arctic Fox 25R, Yamaha 2400i, Les Schwab 105 6-volt batteries, Maxxis Tires, Torque Lift Steps
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                          This is Shiloh our border collie he has been our companion and friend for the past 6 1/2 years. He loves to travel, so that is where we got the name traveling bc. He also loves to herd sheep imagine that!
                          Judy and Mike and Shiloh (BC border collie)

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                            So my fur baby isn't a rescue but I saw him in a photo and then drove 300 miles to get him. They guessed he would be around 55 pounds or so....... it's the "or so" that can get you. At 17 months he's 84 pounds and is my perfect companion. We are currently enrolled in classes to fine tune the social skills before we spend next summer trailering around Alaska. Australian Shepherd - Standard Poodle mix.
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                              Geordie is my Golden Ret. He's always ready to greet someone and beg for a scratch as he sits and leans his head on their leg.
                              He also needs to see outside. This is his new "spot."
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