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Anyone travel with a large dog?

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    I'll put it this way,
    If they object/don't like the dogs, 3 of them now, well mannered and trained, but spoiled rotten, very protective of "Their" turf, then I DO NOT visit that place, regardless of the reason.
    My dogs go where I go. I find that when the wifes 110# German Shepard steps into view, we don't seem to have "Close" neighbors, regardless of the boondocking sites we use/choose.

    If you don't want the dogs, you don't want me!!!!!!!!

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      Click image for larger version

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ID:	190525When we retired my SO decided that she wanted a Portuguese Water Dog to go swimming with her at Lake Chelan. As we've had dogs all of our lives, adding one to the empty nest came quite easily. My SO then decided to do competitive canine sports: PWD water trials and agility. As we live in EA WA most of the events and some of the training occurs on the west side. We discovered early on we did not like the atmosphere of staying in motels on these adventures. So we traded in our 17 TT and then our 26TT for our current AF30U. We also enjoy going to Parks, the beach, and to the mid west to visit relocated friends.

      As our 55 lb boy Nemo is with us wherever we go, we have a variety of crates. We purposely purchased an extended cab TV and searched for a wire crate that would fit the back seat. We have a soft crate that is light and sets up in a couple of minutes that we place on the floor in front of the couch for him to sleep in at night. The crate is taken down and then travels during the day laying on the bed. He often starts out on the floor but seems to like his "cave" much as he does in our bedroom, where he also has a crate. I should share that in the beginning he didn't have a choice about sleeping in the crate. He traveled in one so as to protect him and us in case of an accident (not perfect I know) and at home during the night. So his crate has been his "cave" since we first brought him home as an 8 wk old puppy. By the way, now that's he's a little over two I think he's still a bit of a puppy.

      I knew that the leather apolstry on the back seat would take a real beating from Nemo jumping in and out as well as riding in the crate. I found some neoprene seat covers called Wet Okole that surfers install so when they have wet suits it doesn't harm the material. It's been in place for 38K miles, most of which Nemo's been right behind my right shoulder. I've not removed it only vaccummed it during my regular cleaning process so I'm assuming all's well underneath.

      We try to keep his bathroom issues in mind by stopping but I find I probably need the breaks more than he does. Mary takes him for his morning walk, always on leash when we're in public wearing his Eazy Dog harness equipped with a poop bag or two in her pocket. Meanwhile I get the morning breakfast going, shower, and he has his breakfast when they return. Afterwards we're off to whatever adventure the day holds.

      Having the TT really makes these trips much more enjoyable for everyone. In fact it probably makes it possible.
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        Yes we have been traveling with our 112 pound Akita up until last week with an Aliner Expedition trailer which we just sold. Soon our Kenji will have a companion as we are adopting a second Akita. We have always made it work and cannot imagine traveling anywhere without our boy. My truck is a quad cab so he has his own space in the cab with us.
        Regards, Bruce, Lin An & Kenji
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          We travel with our half lab/half border collie and our cat. They are one of the major reasons we travel with a trailer. Wouldn't do it any other way. They add so much fun to our travels and explorations. Only place we have been where they weren't allowed is the trails in the Smokey Mountains. Not as much fun going without the dog. She enjoys it so much.
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            No Problem...

            Darien: brown colored standard Akita - 80lbs (RIP old girl)
            Kodiak: brindle/gray long-haired Akita - 140lbs
            Bayou: cream colored standard Akita - 110lbs
            Bruin: cream colored long-haired Akita - 100lbs

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              Better check to make sure you're not over your GVWR. Beautiful crew you got there....thanks for sharing with us.
              Originally posted by Biken201 View Post
              No Problem...

              Darien: brown colored standard Akita - 80lbs (RIP old girl)
              Kodiak: brindle/gray long-haired Akita - 140lbs
              Bayou: cream colored standard Akita - 110lbs
              Bruin: cream colored long-haired Akita - 100lbs

              sigpicStates that we've RV'd in.
              2013 Fox Mountain 235RLS (SOLD on 9/30/13) & 2012 F-250, 3.55 Electronic Locking Diff., 6.7L Diesel, Supercab, Lariet, FX-4, Longbed.


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                They aren't big dogs, but they THINK they are....! They go everywhere with us.
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                  One reason we got a TC was so I could attend dog shows and hunt tests and not have to stay in hotels. Currently, I have two Chocolate Labs, 60 and 65 lbs. In the back seat of our truck, I have an X-large Vari Kennel set up for them to ride in. If I had it my way, I would take the seat out entirely and outfit it just for the dogs, but the husband likes the seat there, so we compromise. Inside the camper, they sleep under the dinette, which is referred to as their "room" or "hole". I also take along a soft sided crate that folds flat. I can set it up if I do need a crate for some reason and it has come in handy many times.
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                    Originally posted by Biken201 View Post
                    No Problem...

                    Darien: brown colored standard Akita - 80lbs (RIP old girl)
                    Kodiak: brindle/gray long-haired Akita - 140lbs
                    Bayou: cream colored standard Akita - 110lbs
                    Bruin: cream colored long-haired Akita - 100lbs

                    Beautiful pups. We intend to travel w our three huskies. Any problems getting into camp grounds w three dogs?
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                      We have two moderately large pups........A Black Mouth Cur weighing around 50 and a Border Collie/??Pointer Cross at around 45. I bought a Ram Mega Cab truck primarily for the dogs. The back seat folds flat and their is plenty of room for them and their stuff! Living in Texas the pooches need AC. We camp in a modified 30u and have plenty of room. Heading out in June for Nevada, Oregon, Montana, the Dakota's. We should be home by October..............Happy Trails.
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                        In 2007, two Bernese Mtn Dogs came to live with us; 2 years later we discovered RVs. When we went shopping for the first RV, we quickly learned we needed adequate real estate. Our first rig was a (very!) used 5th wheel. At 38' it was definitely big enough but its forward lounge with just a single small slide was a challenge. With all 4 of us aboard it required no small amount of agility to move around. 4 months later we had figured out that we liked what we were doing, but needed more room to move around. So before leaving FL to head back to NM we traded for a new RV. It was also 38' but it had opposing slides in a rear lounge. That made life *much* easier. Less than a year ago we replaced that 5th wheel with a destination trailer plus an AF travel trailer. The destination trailer was a no-brainer with its opposing slides in the lounge/galley, but the travel trailer required a lot of thought and a lot of 'adjustments'. We did take the dogs with us for a fit-check when we went shopping last June.

                        We've never had an issue with any park we've stayed at, but then we call ahead to make sure owners/managers don't have a problem with 2 large dogs.

                        We learned almost immediately that walking a couple dogs (especially 2 that are big enough they can't be ignored) transported us from invisibility. Without the dogs we're just another pair of RVers that get no more than a nod or a brief "Hi". But with the dogs along, everything changes- they get a lot of attention and we get to share it. I'm amazed how many former dog owners carry doggie treats with them as an entry fee for petting another persons dog!

                        A piece of advice: when you check into a park, get the location and phone number of the closest emergency vet. It's as automatic a question for us as asking where the nearest shelter is in tornado country. Which reminds me: make sure they allow dogs in the tornado shelter!
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                          I am new to NROA. I have 120 lb German Shepherd in a Wolf Creek TC. Went across country to CT from Idaho then down through Penn to NC and GA where I have relatives. Then I went across the southern route and back up to Idaho. My only problem with the dog was he never learned to go up stairs! Because my late husband was in a wheelchair we had ramps. I had never even thought of that until I had to get him up a Fox Landing and into the back seat of a raised Ford F-350!! I can't lift him (only 5 ft tall). What to do? After intense training, he's also stubborn, I gave up and bought a folding ramp. It's embarrassing in parking lots 😳 Eventually, with a boost, he would finally get in and out of truck, but, still needs ramp for Fox landing. He will be 6 in July so I know he will eventually need the ramp, anyway. Needless to say, no one bothers me, ever, as soon as I unload the "beast".