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New 2022 28F about two weeks out - what to look for?

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    If I'm not too late. Don't pay for it until they fix everything on your hit list.
    Things I missed:
    AC was running but the air flow wasn't good because the plenum divider wasn't installed correctly.
    Make sure the slides fully seal when closed. One of mine had a 1" gap that the PDI tech tried to tell me was normal.
    Any disagreements...go get your salesperson.
    Found several drawers didn't close properly.
    You will find lots of stripped out screws on cabinet hinges. Easy fix you can do yourself. Still sucks.
    Make them give you at least one full bottle of propane.
    Make them fill and empty all tanks.

    There will be lots of minor things you will find over time. Just come back to the forum and you will find most members
    have already experienced and fixed the problem.

    Not dissing NW, they are better than most.

    Best advice, It's an adventure, enjoy it.
    Kim + Betsy
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      Picked it up yesterday. Only found two very minor things during the checkout and they fixed them on the spot.

      The most difficult thing during the checkout was finding all the light switches - they weren't easy to find, but we persevered. Discovered that all of the ceiling lights in the main area of the kitchen and living area are on a dimmer switch - my wife will love that since she suffers from severe glare sensitivity. There's also two long lights on the front cap (not the hook up lights) that took a long time to find the switch. Turns out it was in the bedroom side of the entertainment center,

      On the drive home -60 miles thru downtown Denver rush hour traffic my impression was that it is a lot easier to tow than the old 25Y. I'm thinking the shock absorbers on each wheel are the difference. I found myself rolling along at at 75mph without trying before backing down to 65.

      It's also noticeably taller than the old one. That makes it much easier to get to the grey and black dump valves - I can reach them without having to get down on my knees now. The extra ground clearance will be handy when we're boondocking in the woods. Out here in Colorado most of the dirt roads into the back country have drainage ditches on both sides. The factory claims the height is 11'11" but I'll verify that later.

      Negatives - only two and they're minor. The water pump isn't under any cabinets with easy access. It's behind a screwed on panel (6 screws). That'll be a pain every time I winterize. The last issue is the keys. There's separate keys for the main door, the the storage latch, the thru access at the front, and all the CH751 panels. I won't live with that very long.

      We're planning to get out the weekend after next for our shakedown cruise. That's when we'll verify the solar panel charging and satellite TV (need to get some electrical adaptors to complete the hook ups).

      Bottom line, the 2022 28F is an awesome RV. We look forward to many years of enjoying the RV life in it.

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