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New to Nash family with 2018 17K

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  • New to Nash family with 2018 17K

    Hello everyone! We just put a deposit down on a new-to-us 17K and will pick it up later this week, and take it out for its first spin around BC next week!

    We aren’t new to RVing - used to have older campervans, then since retiring we’ve spend 1/2 the year getting away from Canadian winters. Mostly spent time in Baja boondocking on the beach (yes, it is SAFE!) in a 19’ fiberglass 2010 Escape trailer. It served us very well, but I (the lady of the family) finally decided I wanted a few more comforts such as a proper dry bath, more updated electrical and entertainment options (a power awning - yay!), and an oven. LOVE the 17K’s big back windows - perfect for enjoying the view on days when the weather isn’t so perfect outside. And it’s not too much heavier or longer than our previous trailer so we know we’ll be able to tow it easily with our Ford F150 2.7 Ecoboost.

    We had looked at longer models, cheaper makes, and a more expensive new Back Country Outdoors RV, but ultimately feel this is a great fit for us and where/how we like to camp. We’ll be adding more solar, better batteries and a portable generator so we’re always powered up.

    Looking forward to learning more about Nash on this forum! Especially going to be looking at creative mods and designs on the inside to add storage and decorative detail. I really want to make the back dinette into a really cozy nook! If you had suggestions or threads to share - please do! - as well as any questions for us....we’re happy to share info about Baja or what we’ve learned about boondocking in a small unit. Happy trails!