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  • Arcticfox 32A

    We are looking at an Arcticfox 32A. The TV we have now is a RAM 3500 6.7L Cummins. My question is to those who own one. What are your experiences with towing and quality?
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    We bought a 2016 32A last fall and love it. The quality is great and the only real complaint is some of the screwy electrical switch combinations which is a common discussion. The good news is that I’ve changed most of them out which is part of the fun.

    I pull it with a 2002 Chev Silverado with the Duramax that I call my “Grandpa Truck”. I’ve chipped the engine and it tows just fine. It is a big rig, however. We’ve found that it won’t fit in many of the older parks.

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    2016 Arctic Fox 32A


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      We bought our 32A new in 2014 and have had no problems with it. Quality was top notch, just as we expected. We tow with a 2012 F-350 diesel dually, and have (and highly recommend) the ProPride hitch. Towing is easy, never feel anything from 18 wheelers or wind or basically anything. Highly recommend.
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