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Best Years For Older Used 27-5L / 29-5E And Determining Value

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  • Best Years For Older Used 27-5L / 29-5E And Determining Value

    Hello friends,

    My wife and I are just starting to get serious about purchasing our first fifth wheel and we have narrowed down our choices between the 27-5L and possibly the 29-5E. We like the floor plans with the rear kitchen, but we are still open to suggestion in case you may have good reason to recommend the rear lounge layout of the 29-5T

    I would love to have the extra room afforded by the master bed slide in the 29-5 series over the traditional walk-around style layout of the 27-5, although this being my first fifth wheel I also realize I would likely appreciate the slightly smaller stature and weight of the 27-5 when it comes to learning to maneuver in tight locations and campground restrictions, etc...

    Are there certain years I should look for and/or avoid? So far I have been focusing my interest on trailers ranging in age from 2003 to 2010 which seem to all be fairly similar in design and price range depending on included features and overall condition.

    Another question I have is regarding determining a used trailers value. Are NADA guidelines fairly close to accurate, or is there a better method to appraising a used but clean AF trailer?

    Please forgive all the noob questions. I have been doing my best to research these and other similar topics online, but it gets overwhelming having to sift through pages of information that does not seem to relate to my specific topics or address my questions although I am certain someone has asked before me... where does one start?!?

    That is exactly how I found this forum and the reason I was excited to join it! Lots of great info in here and many friendly like-minded members willing to share their honest input, I appreciate that!

    Thanks in advance

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    Welcome to the forum...

    The 27-5L and the 29-5T are both excellent 5'rs.

    We selected the 29-5T due to the expansive rear window, double rear recliner seating and being able to order the king-sized bed.

    The 29-5T also can be ordered / retrofitted with a fireplace (not available on the 27-5L). We use it much more than we thought we would. The fireplace allows electric heat while on shore power - without using propane or having to use portable heaters.

    I recommend a 1-ton diesel to pull the 29-5T. We have over 80,000 miles on our 4-year old 29-5T, and it has served us well with no serious issues.

    The "best year models" is hard to define. It all boils down to the model(s) you can live in and how well they were maintained. A newer neglected RV can't compare to an older well maintained RV.

    Check out the buyer's check-list (in the download area). That will give you good information on what to look for and/or what to avoid.
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      Thanks Dave!

      I will be sure to check out the “buyers check-list” thanks for the heads up.

      BTW we are practically neighbors... I was just over your way looking at a 29-5E in Loomis


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        Welcome to the forum
        We had a 25-Y for 4+ years and really enjoyed the large rear window for great views out the back of the trailer. With our new 27-5L the great viewing is on the side and actually has more window area than the previous trailer. I do like the shorter and lighter 27-5L (compared to the 29-5T). My truck and 5th wheel weight in at 20,000 lbs with 1/2 tank of fresh water. So the 5ers are heavy but well built.
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          Welcome to the forum!

          Floor plan you like like I believe is the most important thing after a well built frame. W went from a SOB w big back window and a side kitchen that lacked counter space and storage for us. That led us to a rear kitchen SOB fifth wheel with big bedroom and 34’ length. Settled on our 27-5L which for us is as near perfect as any will be. Love the shorter length, smaller bedroom and larger living area than our previous rear kitchen.

          Good luck,
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            What are you plans for using the trailer? Full time, short weekend trips or long excursions? If you go with Dave's recommendation on a one ton, you will have plenty of truck to pull most any Arctic Fox. We were completely new in 2016, I had never pulled any trailer of any kind so I was nervous about going with our 32-5m. If it would have been just me, I would have gone smaller. However, we soon realized that at 37' we really were not that big. The biggest issue for us is the height and with any AF 5th wheel you will be pushing the upper limits. The 32-5m has an incredible amount of storage space. We actually have empty areas and we live in our trailer for 6 months. The layout with windows on all sides was very important to us. We didn't want any wall fully blocked from our view. We have absolutely no regrets with our decision and if we had to buy another one, we would be right back in a 32-5m. That being said, we are in the minority here and there are many happy folks that own the smaller 5th wheels (but they really aren't that much smaller. )
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              Thanks for all the replies and warm welcome!

              As for our intended use, we will not be full-timing. This being our first trailer, we will start with several fairly local weekend trips until we get the hang of things. Eventually we would like to do some longer trips across the Central US and perhaps one day even as far as Canada and Alaska.

              As for tow vehicles, we are already looking into purchasing a later model DRW Diesel so we will be good lugging one of these beefy well-built AF trailers around.

              My wife and I are going to look at a really nice and clean 2004 27-5L today to see if I can live without the master bed slide.


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                Originally posted by Sasquatch View Post
                As for tow vehicles, we are already looking into purchasing a later model DRW Diesel so we will be good lugging one of these beefy well-built AF trailers around.
                I would advise you get one with an "exhaust brake"
                How they work
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                  Have you found the brochures for all years downloaded on this site? If not, click on Downloads on the top left bar under the NROA logo. A trailer with the same numerical designation can change over the years--especially the 5ers. Some got longer and interiors are tweaked as are weights. Best luck in finding a good used unit. If well kept, the older trailers could still provide a lot of service. Our 2002 is going strong but has probably only about 50K miles on it.
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                    This summer we bought a used 2015 27.5. We were looking on line at the model but living in Texas, did not have the opportunity to see one in person. When we found this one at at dealership close to us, we snapped it up. So far, we are in love with it. We came from a SOB 35 foot toy hauler and have found we don't miss it. Don't know if we got a deal or not, but is was in good condition and we paid around $24K for it. So far, we very pleased with our purchase.
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