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Sierra RV Center in Colfax, California

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    I have to agree with the comments praising Winner's Sierra RV in Colfax, CA. The whole buying process was great from the first visit to the PDI on delivery day. If you want a great deal and service see Steve or Dean.


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      I bought my Arctic Fox 22G from Sierra RV. I liked the dealer experience. I didn't feel pressured. I got the orientation and tested the systems and asked plenty of questions. I even remembered how to winterize it 6 months later when the time came. I brought a new weight distribution hitch with me on the day I was taking my trailer home. They set it up for my trailer and truck while we finished the contract paper work. Everything went fine including the drive home. I had no alternative other than getting on Interstate 80 East to head home to Reno. Was glad my wife was in the passenger seat giving me a second set of eyes while we headed home. My gas GMC2500HD truck had plenty of power to go over the mountains on the way to Reno.

      I went to 3 other dealers of Outdoor RVs and didn't enjoy the pressure sales experience. We bought the Arctic Fox 22G because we wanted a quality well insulated trailer without slides. We have been very happy with our choice. I have to back in my trailer to my parking pad and glad my trailer isn't longer than it is. I added a camera to each side of the trailer and one in the back which helps when going down the road or backing in.

      I have had no reason in the last 10 months to take it back for service. The only repair I have done was to redo the bracket holding the fire extinguisher. The manufacture failed to screw it into the thicker wood reinforcing the the thin laminate. I moved it about 1 inch and screwed it into to thicker wood. I suspect I will be able to do any repairs that come up over time myself. The first time we used the trailer this spring, I had forgot to move the valve back near the water pump and I was blowing air out the faucets until I remembered the valve was in the position for pumping anti-freeze from a jug.

      My wife and I sleep in the trailer with a 3 inch memory foam topper on the folding mattress of the bed/sofa hybrid. If my son comes with us he sleeps on a 10 inch thick mattress in the truck bed under a Leer cap. We aren't full timers and the rest of our camping involves backpacking so the trailer seems plenty large enough with nice amenities. I spent about $10K on significant power improvement including a Spartan 2200 watt pure syne wave inverter, 400 amp-hours of Battle Born LiFePO4 batteries, 1000 watts of solar and 105 DC amps of charging when plugged into generator. I can run my Air Conditioner on my inverter without problems. I only us my Honda EU2200 when I need to run the AC for more than about an hour. I don't bring a generator except for the honest months. It's nice using the microwave, blender and toaster without bringing a generator along.
      GMC 2500HD SLT Double Cab 2017 - Arctic Fox 22G 2018


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        We also had a great experience at Sierra RV center today. We really like our 27-5 and the service we received today...only down side was it was raining for the PDI.
        2012 Dodge Laramie, 2500 CTD, crew cab
        2015 Arctic Fox 25-Y (traded in for 27-5L)
        2019 Arctic Fox 27-5L, 100w solar system