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    I will be pulling this with a SRW truck to start with but an upgrade will happen eventually.


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      Pin weight will easily surpass the factory specs. My dry pin weight is listed as 2673, but in real
      life is closer to 4K. Glad I got a dually.
      Kim + Betsy
      2017 AF 35-5Z
      2017 F450 Lariat


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        We have a 2016 29 5K, We love ours. Most of the time its just hubby and I, I dont think we have ever pulled the actual curtain to separate the bedroom from the bathroom, we just pull the curtain at top of stairs for showers and such. Our 5vr is before the big redesign in the bedroom. We have the big window over the dresser which is just fine for us as we dont watch tv in bed anyway. I would like to hear from those that have the redesign--do you still get the air flow upstairs? I would be lost without the big window. We also only have a 4 point leveling system, they changed and only recommend the 6 point on this one now. 4 point works ok. Best RV we have ever owned!
        2016 Artic Fox 29 5K
        2014 Dodge 3500 Diesel


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          We have been fulltiming in a 2017 295k. Do I like the doors on the 295t better? Of coarse. That was one of the first things I was gonna do was change them out to a quality bi fold door, did I?, no. Is it a problem?, no they work fine. I do wish the pin weight was lighter- by the time I installed 400# of AGM batterries and a Yamaha 3000isb generator in the generator compartment I actually came close ( with a full fresh water tank ) to overloading my new Denali dually. We are in the process of tricking out the interior with custom furniture and dinette but have been very happy with the build quality. The EMS system I installed would not have been possible on most other manufacturers platforms. Nice, comfortable unit however—DONT SKIMP ON THE TRUCK. I didn’t want a duelly but I am so glad I got it. See ya in La Grande
          Greg and Laura
          2017 GMC Denali, Duramax, DRW, 4x4, NavCameras, CC, Anderson Ultimate 2 hitch, Retrax Cover
          2017 295k
          600AH lifeline bank, Yamaha3000ISEB on Slider, 2800W Magnum inverter, HW Progressive Surge Gaurd, Trimetric monitor, Dexter EZ Flex


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            The lack of doors was a deal breaker for us. DW loved the kitchen layout, until we stepped into one in real life. We close the doors on our bedroom every night to keep it dark. I get up earlier, and can make coffee etc. without having the noise go straight to the bedroom.

            If those things aren't a big deal to you, then it wouldn't be a problem. Also, the size of the bedroom is an upgrade from our old 27-5L.
            2018 27-5L 4 point leveling, 30 amp,
            2000 F250
            2000 27-5L sold after 8 great years.


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              Guess I need to update where we stand. Really appreciate all the input about the 29-5K. I think the lack of doors "upstairs" in our case might not be a problem but the hitch weight would be a real worry on our SRW truck ... which by the way is only a few months old; trading it and the trailer both would REALLY get expensive.

              Other issue on the "con" side of the balance sheet is length. Our 27-5L goes in our storage building reasonably well. Can get all the way around it comfortably. The 29-5K would probably go in but it would make me grumpy every time I went in the building for something else.

              Finally, we actually like the downstairs of our 27-5L better than the 29-5K. Kitchen has lot more storage. The big pantry and slide out for spices, canned goods etc are great. It's just the two of us ol' coots and doubt we'll ever have anyone else with us so having to dress downstairs isn't the end of the world. Oh, and by-the-way, the 27-5L tows behind our 2500HD GMC duramax crewcab like a dream, even with the Polaris Rzr on a trailer behind it.

              So, thanks again for all the feedback.


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                Love our 29.5K very comfortable. Like others have said a dually would be best. We pulled ours with a 2012 f350 single for awhile then switched to a 2017 F350 Dually night and day difference and no more worries about being over tires or rear axle rating.
                2014 Arctic Fox 29-5K and a 2004 Desert Fox 21SW. 2012 Ford F350 XLT Crew Cab 4X4 long box with 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel. Mine 2012 Polaris 850XP HO EPS, hers 2012 Polaris 550XP EPS.