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Couch Seats Choices in New 27.5L

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  • Couch Seats Choices in New 27.5L

    We are looking to pull the trigger on a new AF, either a 27.5L or a 28.5C. There is only a single AF dealer in in Texas and they have a limited inventory. Here are the choices:
    1. Tri-Fold Sofa - Standard
    2. Hide a Bed with Pillows
    3. Air Hide a Bed with Pillows
    4. Cross-Stitch Sofa
    5. Cross-Stitch Sofa with Air Mattress
    Can anyone speak to these different choices? Which, if any has a recline feature and/or footrest?

    Tom & Lynn
    2018 F350 DRW 6.7 Powerstroke
    2019 AF 27-5L

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    Can't speak for the new ones but our 2017 29-5T has the cross stitch w/ air mattress. The center divider holds the air mattress (ours stays at home) and both sides recline w/ foot rest's. DW says they heat also but I haven't tried that.
    Old, fat, ugly and armed
    2017 Artic Fox 29-5T
    Chevy 2500HD, 6.6 Duramax


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      Thanks Bill. Do you find the seat comfortable?
      Tom & Lynn
      2018 F350 DRW 6.7 Powerstroke
      2019 AF 27-5L


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        Just checked the invoice of our 2019 AF 27-5, the cross stitch sofa 68” w/ air mattress are recliners that heat. The air mattress converts the recliners to a bed, ours hasn’t come out of the box. Yes, the recliners are comfortable.

        We purchased our 2017 Nash from the TX dealer and our 27-5 from Lowry’s in NM, Send a private message if you want some background on the two
        Jerry, Kathie, &
        Bo, one giant Lab
        2019 AF27-5
        2017 Nash 24M (Sold)
        2016 F250, 4X4, 6.7L
        Added 2 leaf springs each side
        50 gal Titan Fuel Tank
        Pressure Pro TPMS