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  • Yet another new guy

    Iím another new guy here and thought a brief introduction was in order. My name is Mike Garrett. I usually go by MG on these forums.

    On June 1st I will retire from my electronics career. My wife and I have both worked in the semiconductor business for the last 35 years. (She plans to hold out on retiring for a few more years but is Ĺ time now.) Thinking back, it seems that I have always had at least one job since I was about 12 years old. Enough of that; itís time to play at high speed.

    We belong to a club that has regular events in Nevada and Arizona. Many fellow club members dry camp on-site at these events including us. Up until now we have rented a trailer for those events. The rental company always set up the trailer on-site so it was ready and waiting for us to arrive. That was very convenient while working full time but now things look a bit different. We will have more time to travel to and from the events and that will open the door to side trips on each end of the main event. In addition we both realize that if we really want to roam widely and check out this fabulous corner of the world we had better get to cracking. Age and health are not a concern now but that wonít last forever. To that end we are looking to buy an AF25Y trailer. Itís bigger than we need right now but if we decide to go semi-full time or have a three month tour de North America it should be more than adequate. We love the layout with the big rear window.

    Presently, we live in Silicon Valley but expect to cash out and head back home to the Pacific Northwest in the next few years. We have a piece of land waiting for a house to be built just south of Port Townsend, WA. That project will likely keep us busy for several years and thatís the kind of ďplayingĒ that I enjoy. We will miss the California weather and wonderful natural beauty but thatís about all weíll miss. Originally I am from northern Idaho but I just cannot see returning to snow and ice country full time. The summers are great there but the winters Ö not so much. My wife grew up in the Tacoma area and I worked at Boeing for several years as I put myself through school. So we know what we are getting into with this move.

    I was very happy to find this forum and have already picked up a ton of good information here. Thanks to everyone that shares their experiences and insights. Looking forward to meeting some of you Ďout thereí. Best Regards,

    2017 F250SD 4x4 6.7L
    Snugtop shell, AMP Powerstep running boards, EezTire TPMS, Eaz-Lift WD hitch
    2013 AF 25Y
    Atwood electric tongue jack, more to come

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    Welcome Mike...

    My wife and I were blessed to retire while still relatively young and bought a quality AF to also travel (55,000+ miles in 3 years) the USA.

    We went from 5-7 day RV vacations while working, to currently 2-3+ month trips down, over, up, across the U.S. & Canada.

    Hope you enjoy your trailer & traveling as much as we do.
    Travel Blog:

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      Welcome to the club Mike! I spent the first 49 years of my life in Mountain View, before it turned into silicon madness. Moved to Mendocino County in Ď99, and now getting ready to relocate to Anacortes, which is just a ferry ride away from Port Townsend. Maybe weíll run into each other ďup thereĒ!
      Jim & Grace
      2011 2500HD 6.6L Duramax (SOLD)
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      2018 Audi Q5
      2008 Miniature Golden Doodle

      We forget all too soon the things we thought we would never forget....


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        The ~30' Arctic Foxes are a great size for many uses. Big enough to stay in for weeks at a time; small enough to tow around the country.

        Good luck!
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        2015 Nash 24M (traded May 2017)
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          Thank you for the welcome, Dave & Jim (or is it Donna & Grace? Please forgive me but I'll figure out the various players with time.)

          The Anacortes area was on our short list of possibilities. That is a very nice area.

          Silicon Valley has changed radically since we first arrived here in 1983. Of course, change is inevitable but the sheer number of people living in this area has gone through the roof in the last few years. When we left Idaho for California I believe there were less than an million people in the entire state of Idaho. It was a significant culture shock for a country boy to plop down in the middle of this suburban madness. I still don't really care for having so many people so close. When we moved here our plan at the time was to spend 5 to 8 years, make some money, and then get out and back to the PNW. 35 years later it's clear that didn't work out as planned but it wasn't too bad either. We made some good friends, had a family, had reasonable careers, and generally carved out a life here with the rest of the masses. But we do look forward to simplifying our lives and concentrating on having some fun back where we truly belong.

          It occured to me a few months ago that I have not been fishing in three years. That is a crime that needs to be stopped.

          2017 F250SD 4x4 6.7L
          Snugtop shell, AMP Powerstep running boards, EezTire TPMS, Eaz-Lift WD hitch
          2013 AF 25Y
          Atwood electric tongue jack, more to come


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            Hi MG,

            Welcome to the best forum I've found anywhere. There is so much experience on here it boggles the mind. Some of these folks even have the guts to cut a hole in their fifth wheel and add a window. That is right up there with wingsuit gliding to me, but that's who's on here.

            That 25Y TT you're thinking of is really nice. We looked at that one seriously. We've had our 5ver since last July, but really haven't done but a couple of dry camping outings so far. That's one thing we really want to do this summer.

            All the best on your upcoming plans.
            Steve and Shelley. Minnesota
            2017 RAM 3500 LLH CC 4x4 LB DRW 6.7ctd Aisin 4.10 Air Level aka Shrek
            2018 AF 27-5L, HW50C ems, Maxxis Tires, TST 507, dual AC, tank heaters, Rear Camera, Toppers, 640w Solar, Victron MP 3000 Inverter, MPPT 150/85 solar charge controller, CCGX Color Monitor,BMV702 Battery Monitor
            , 440AH Lifeline AGM, aka Fiona


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              Welcome to the Forum. Th day before you retire will my the 5 month anniversary from my retirement. Not sure by now how we worked and played when all play is pretty good. Congrats on your retirement!
              Rolland & Judie, 2 Shelties, Cozmo & Brinkley

              2016 AF 27-5L, 4 pt Leveling, Dual Pane Windows, 10 Cu Ft Fridge, 15K AC, Central Vac, Progressive Dynamics hard wired EMS, Slide Toppers, 2 Fantastic Vents & Covers, TST507s, 480 Watts Solar Charger, 440AH AGM Battery Bank, Titan Disc Brakes, MorRyde SRE4000

              2005 Chevy Silverado 3500, Duramax/Allison, Crew Cab LB 4x4 B&W Companion


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                Welcome MG. Looking forward to your impending electronics mods that you'll be sharing with
                us neophytes.
                Kim + Betsy
                2017 AF 35-5Z
                2017 F450 Lariat


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                  Welcome to the forum. Don't be bashful about participating.
                  Harvey Barlow
                  USN Retired
                  Glade Springs, WV
                  2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab & Chassis, Cummins ISB6.7 Aisin CM Flatbed BrakeSmart Transfer Flow 223k miles
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                    Welcome to the forum. We just purchased a 25Y last October and love it. The big back window was a big plus for us. We came from an Airstream and would not go back.
                    Steve & Brenda
                    Steve & Brenda and Our Cocker Spaniel Bella
                    2017 RAM Diesel Laramie 4x4
                    2017 Arctic Fox 25Y, Hensley Arrow


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                      Welcome home Mike...from a Sequimite. This area has gained some population, but itís still has the beauty and nature that will endure well beyond our time on terra firma. And, yeah, there are still a ton of fish to be caught on the Canal, in the Sound, the rivers and the Strait. Donít overlook the Dungeness crab, dabob oysters and clams!
                      2015 AF 27-5L, 2016 F-250 Super Cab, 6.7 Diesel, SB, 4x4, Off Road and 10,000lb Payload Package,


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                        Welcome home, Mike. We are about a year behind you. My bride and I have saved enough during the past few years to upgrade to a 25Y and newer truck when that time comes. Over the past five years weíve played at camp/traveling in a smaller AF. May your experience on the forum be pleasurable and profitable.
                        Mark and Anita
                        2012 AF 22H dutifully following a 2014 F-350 diesel SB


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                          Hey Mike, welcome from the other new guy. People here are quite welcoming and yes, this is one of the best forums Iíve read and participated in. My only regrets are that 1: I have too long till retirement and 2: I donít have a rig yet that I can take apart and alter like all the other mod freaks! Working on both now. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures


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                            Originally posted by mgarrett View Post
                            [...]To that end we are looking to buy an AF25Y trailer. Itís bigger than we need right now but if we decide to go semi-full time or have a three month tour de North America it should be more than adequate. We love the layout with the big rear window.
                            I think you'll really enjoy the 25Y. We picked up our 2017 25Y about 18 months ago, and we've spent about 1/3 of that time in the trailer, including one 3-month coast-to-coast trip. We could full time in it very easily. It's maneuverable, comfortable, bright, and airy.

                            I highly recommend the thermal pane windows. It's also handy to have vents fans in all three vents (bedroom, bathroom, and living room).
                            2017 Arctic Fox 25Y
                            Chassis: Firestone Transforce HT LT225/75-16, Blue Ox SwayPro 1500, EezTire TPMS, BAL 28217 recessed tire carrier, 28K miles
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                            2013 Silverado 2500HD LML Duramax, manual 4x4, crew cab, std box, 114K miles


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                              MG Welcome! I'm typing with 1finger slowly on my cell with spotty reception. Be looking for your posts in days ahead. I remember bay area from the early 60's. It was a good place to be then though coming from Montana, the traffic, even then made me nervious.Cheers
                              Neil and Marilyn and Beamer (feline)
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                              2016 Arctic Fox 27-5L, Progressive EMS HW30C Surge Protector, TST 507 TPMS w/Color, Sailun Tires G rated, 2 Smart Tool 2000's, Titan Disk Brakes.

                              Of all the things I've lost. I miss my mind the most :-)