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    Hi all, thought I would introduce myself. Been reading this forum for a while and enjoying it. Iím 3 years from retirement, DW is already retired. We are planning to full time and get out of the cold Northeast as soon as I can. Iíve had my own remodeling business for the last 25 yrs that has survived all the economic swings. Done lots of cool, different projects in business and together and embarked on equally as many life journeys and now we are both in agreement that we want a new adventure. We have always enjoyed extended tent camping ( including 3 weeks in Arizona this winter) but never had an RV but we are equally adventurous and very adaptable so we look at this new upcoming embarkation with excitement.

    Been doing a lot of research into full time rigs. We have considered all types but we are pretty sure that we have decided on a 5er(at least for now). We wanted something shorter to move around easier since neither of us have much experience towing bigger stuff though I tow a dump trailer and some smaller equipment trailers on a pretty regular basis with my Tundra Crew Cab long bed pickup.

    Our short list include NuWa, Excel, Cameo and Arctic Fox. I have been reading all the specific owners forums on each to familiarize myself a bit with each. We are not opposed to used, which some of the previously mentioned would have to be anyways. We are planning to purchase a TV next year and saving now for that. It most likely will be a Ram 3500 , Aisin 4:10 dually as any of these rigs will be heavy.

    We like the 27-5 and noticed a lot of owners on the forum. Are any of you using this a full time home? We also like the 29-5 a lot but since this is our first towed 5er, weíre not so sure that the shorter version might no be better. That said, we donít want to be playing musical trailers so we are prepared to live with the choice no matter what. Your thoughts on that decision would be appreciated also.

    Ok, so thatís enough for now. Off to work to build a porch on the lake. Looking forward to more interesting reading and conversation on the forum

    Ron and Barbara
    Holland, Massachusetts
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    Welcome to the forum. It sounds like you are approaching the project of buying a practical trailer and tow vehicle wisely.

    I owned a NuWa Hitchhiker and am familiar with the brand. NuWa stopped production in 2009 if memory serves so a HitchHiker will have to be used. During the last three or four years of NuWa production Mike MItchell was struggling to compete with the Elkhart junk and remain profitable so he began taking short cuts. Some were disclosed, some were not. Beginning in about 2006 NuWa began outsourcing frames for the lower cost HitchHiker floor plans. The cheaper frames were built by Lippert. In a word, Lippert frames were junk.

    Note: Edited to remove discussion of SOB models. Remember we can use the PM feature for off-forum discussions.
    Deputy Fox (foxyrvlady)
    Last edited by foxyrvlady; 05-11-2018, 09:11 AM. Reason: remove SOB discussion.
    Harvey Barlow
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      We have an older 29-5T and love the floorpan. You can't beat that big window in the back and we full-timed for a little over a year comfortably. That said, our older unit is about the same length and weight of the new 27-5s while the new 29-5T are longer, taller and heavier. I cannot speak to full timing in the 27-5 but am sure others will weigh in.
      Good luck with your decision and subsequent search.
      2018 F350 DRW 6.7 Powerstroke
      2006 Arctic Fox 29-5T


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        Welcome Projectman. This is a great place to find you answer. We have a 25Y and think it would be enough trailer for 3-4 months long trips for just the 2 of us.
        Tom and Dianne

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        2015.5 GMC Denali Duramax 2500HD Iridium
        3P Pro Pride 1400# WD Hitch
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          Thanks for registering, Projectman. Your background will give you a big head start on those of us who are wary of fixing stuff ourselves. AF is still a good brand despite our griping about various shortcomings in some of the posts. There is a wealth of information here so donít be hesitant to ask questions. Your impending retirement is a good thing because of the flexibility of schedule that gives you. Itís going to get worse before it gets better when it comes to fighting the campground crowds at peak season. A good rig with generator or solar will allow you to stay off the grid when needed.
          Mark and Anita
          2012 AF 22H dutifully following a 2014 F-350 diesel SB


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            Hey Ron, welcome. I suggest you not worry too much about the size of the trailer. If you go with the 27-5, 29-5 or 32-5M I don't think you will notice that much difference. I too was worried when we purchased out 32-5M in 2016. I had never towed anything in my life. Heck, I couldn't even back our Hyundai straight into our driveway. But I learned you take your time and with the way the 5th wheels track and the stability of dual rear wheels it really isn't as bad as I expected. We have spent the last few seasons traveling in the NE, which from what I understand is not the best place for RV' least size wise. But we have take our time, do lots of detailed route planning and it has worked out well for us.

            Hope you stick around and share your adventures with us.
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            Florida based


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              George and Carrie
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                Me personally I'd opt for the 29-5T. Yes it's longer but when full timing you'll want more space more often. The 5T has a larger closet, dresser, larger bathroom area and larger shower. Same room in the living area and a nice large back window. Tank sizes are pretty good as well. You may not be able to fit in to every place you go, size wise but that to me is not as important as where you'll be everyday at some point, and thats inside your 5er.
                You won't notice much difference towing either. Both will tow great since they're both 5th wheels. Both are really tall. Doubt you'd notice the extra 4'-5" in length.
                Once you get up into the 37-40' range is when you really start to notice the length.
                I towed a 31' TT before we got our current 5th wheel. Truck is 22'6" OAL plus 31' for the TT = 53'6". We went to the same CG's as we do now with our 28' 5er.
                You be at apr 49' OAL. Plenty doable for most everywhere.
                2012 Ram 2500 CTD
                2013 Fox Mountain 235 RLS


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                  Hi Ron & Barbara, welcome to the NROA forum. There are many great members that can solve almost any issue, or at least point you in the right direction for a fix / part.

                  A couple of things that sold us on an Arctic Fox, were the windows that fully opened (unlike the "frame-less glass" on other builders, that only open a couple of inches on the bottom), the well built heavy-duty frame (a home is only as good as it's foundation) and name-brand appliances / equipment.

                  We picked the 29-5T due to the layout, seating, king size bed and rear window.

                  We went from a very small bumper-pull trailer, we pulled for 20 years, to this large AF 5th wheel. I was apprehensive at first, but soon found a 5th wheel tows, tracks and backs like a dream (with a little practice).

                  We have over 50,000 miles on our 2016 Arctic Fox and have had only a couple of minor issues, I fixed in the driveway.

                  The model you choose will be a personal family decision and I hope you enjoy your trailer, as much as we love our Arctic Fox.
                  Travel Blog:

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                    Welcome to the forum! From your screen name and past employment you will fit well with the Mod Squad here...

                    Weíve not full timed and probably wonít, but having our previous SOB fifth wheel which was a floor plan like the 29-5K and now our AF 27-5L if I was choosing a floor plan for full timing Iíd be looking at the bedroom area for what fits the best for your needs. We down sized to the 27-5L from the SOB but the living area to us with what we have now feels larger. Downsizing by about 4í overall gives us more spots we can fit in with State and Country Parks as the trailer axles are closer by about 3í than the SOB.

                    There is one one guy who full times in a 27-5L who has a blog at

                    Good luck and enjoy your researching!
                    Rolland & Judie, 2 Shelties, Cozmo & Brinkley

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                    2005 Chevy Silverado 3500, Duramax/Allison, Crew Cab LB 4x4 B&W Companion


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                      You are starting out right with choosing your tow vehicle! We are on our 3rd Dodge/Ram CTD since 1996. We don't tow heavy like most here, but you can never have more truck than you need! Members here love to answer questions about Northwood products, so keep firing away as they come up. Welcome to the forum!

                      Forum rules prevents in depth discussions of SOB's (Some Other Brands). I've had to edit one post on this thread because of that. You can contact a member through the PM (Private Message) function by clicking on their forum name if you have questions about another brand. I will usually pass on posts like "I had "Brand X" and wouldn't buy it again" . A discussion would then be had via PM. Thanks for your understanding.
                      Linda & Dave (retired US Army) and Magic, the Yellow Lab Duck Dog
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                        Welcome Ron, We've had our 27-5 for almost three years now and still love it. For me that's quite a complement to Northwood as we've had somewhere north of 20 different RVs. AF does have some issues, but most are easily corrected. Hands down it's the best built rig we've owned.

                        We winter in ours for 5-6 months and camp in the Northwest as much as we can in the summer. If it was a perfect world, our 27-5 would magically grow when we are parked in Yuma all winter and would shrink when we're trying to get into Glacier National Park. For us the 27-5 is a good compromise size wise.

                        As far as TV, stick with any of the big three, but a diesel is a must. SRW or DRW is up to you. You can go to a bigger RV with a dually.

                        Since you are a newbie to RVs, I'd strongly recommend you borrow or rent a TT a couple of times just to get your feet wet. You'll learn a lot and you'll also get to interact with those who are living the lifestyle. Happy camping.
                        Ken and Rita Madsen
                        2018 GMC 3500 Duramax, 2016 27-5L AF


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                          Welcome to the forum Ron and Barbara! We have a 2016 27-5L and love it. If I were to full time I would think a little more storage and more space around the bed would be a good choice but if for some reason I lost our house and had to full time without any of my can't leave behind things, the 27-5L could be a great choice. The large storage door on both sides would really help if fulltiming along with a little more storage room. We went back and forth for an hour or two at an RV show trying to decide. For part timing and storage in our shop we picked a winner. This is our first RV so we had no idea what might be best getting into tight spots. So far our only problem has been snagging low trees. Happy trails and hope to see you out camping one day.
                          Peter and Fran
                          2016 AF 27-5L
                          , 50AMP, 4pt leveling, 10 Cu Ft Refrigerator, 15K AC + bedroom AC, Onan 5.5 generator, Progressive Dynamics EMSHW50C, Slide Toppers, TST 507 flow through with repeater, Cadet digital AC heater, 52" ceiling fan LED light, Dirt Devil CV1500 Central Vacuum, water filter system, 480 watt solar charger, 440 AH AGM battery bank, Magnum MS2012 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter/charger, TorkLift steps, SRE4000, 17.5" Alcoa rims, 7k axles

                          2017 F-450 Super Duty, B&W Companion


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                            One thing to think about is that the 27-5L is the most popular Arctic Fox 5th wheel. You could start with that, see how it goes, and if you decide to go longer, the market for used 27-5L's is brisk. You will have no problems selling it in favor of a longer model. Personally I think the 29-5T is the perfect trailer for longer stays and no problem for short ones either. We have spent months in ours and were very glad we had some extra space.
                            *Ron & Deb Nielson
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                              Welcome to the forum. I canít speak to the fifth wheels as we have a 25Y. I could probably Full time in that but my wife says no. For now most of our trips are 2 to three weeks so we get along fine. Each person has there own preferences and needs. We think we need a large rear window. Have fun looking and deciding.
                              There are many great ideas and many knowledgeable people on this site. A lot of interesting modifications to be found. Can be addicting.
                              Steve & Brenda and Our Cocker Spaniel Bella
                              2017 RAM Diesel Laramie 4x4
                              2017 Arctic Fox 25Y, Hensley Arrow