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Received 2018 Artic Fox 27-5L and found a few issues

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    Originally posted by Shocker View Post
    We bought our 27-5L from the dealer that is 260 miles away. Picked it up on a nasty, rainy, cold day. We did our walk-through and didn't find anything that was a deal killer, accepted delivery, and went home satisfied knowing that if something did come up I would take care of it instead of doing a long road trip. On our shake out camping trip found that the shower leaked, one of the waste tank shutoff valves is leaking, had a heck of a time figuring out how to get the DVD player to work, and had some trouble with the auto leveling. Since then, fixed the shower (factory needs to inspect their caulking - left gaps!) and had another camping trip. Started correcting some issues and here is what I found:

    DVD player/radio - contacted Service about getting a manual (model is not listed on radio mfg website) which was not provided. Said I had to contact the dealer who then got it for me. Got looking at the specs on it and how the factory had wired it up. Note to factory - if you install HDMI from radio to TV, don't install the component cable also! You are wasting time and creating a big bulky cable run between the TV and the wall - and it wasn't even installed correctly. Geez.

    The genset switch is on the wall by the thermostat. Problem is that it is installed so close to a waste tank vent pipe that the switch is pushed out from the mounting plate. Will need to get a new oversized mounting plate and redo it. Factory - quality control PLEASE!

    As for the leaking shutoff valve, these forums have lead me to the Valterra T58 which I will be buying. Never had a problem with my Fourwinds and they aren't known for high quality. Factory - quality control PLEASE!

    2nd trip temp was below 32F. Found a lot of condensation in wardrobe/linen closet slide-out inside where the outer wall meets the closet ceiling. This accumulated with the closet doors shut. Contacted Service and they suggested a dehumidifier. Really - in a closed closet? If anybody has had this issue and what they did about it please let me know.

    Number ONE complaint - factory did not bother to clean up when they were done building it. Sawdust everywhere!. When a hole was cut to install something they left the cutout and all the sawdust. Of course the carpet was not vacuumed nor cabinets wiped. Factory - quality control PLEASE!

    All in all, we are happy with the unit so far. My better half loves the kitchen layout especially the windows by the sink. We bought a memory foam topper for the mattress but found it isn't needed as the bed is comfortable as is. Has good inside storage space with all of the cabinets but suspect will have problems in the future with hinge screws pulling out. Shower is a good size and I am 6ft.

    Next thing I need to do is figure out the the coax connectors that are not marked. Well, neither are the light switches. A customer should not have to do a "trial and error". Also need to figure out how to hook the bedroom TV to the DVD/radio. Should have came with a video switch box.

    Ya know there are many factors to consider when evaluating the quality of a product.
    We had a similar experience with our 27.5 Arctic Fox 5th wheel along with a couple more. I must agree the factory QC is poor.
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      Your dealer should of caught some of that. Our dealer vacuumed everything and also filled and dumped the tanks to make sure everything worked right. The stereo is still a mystery to me and I still need to bring out the manual to make it work. Also had the same issues with switches and coax connectors...we figured them out eventually but you would think a little time with a label maker would of fixed it. Oh well. We still like ours and have most of it working the way we want now!!
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        I agree, most of these issues are really a dealer issue. They should be found and address during the dealers PDI. Especially the sawdust everywhere. New RVs bleed that stuff rolling down the road on the delivery run.

        Lets make sure we keep this post on subject and not let it turn into another complaining session with no helpful suggestions to help the OP fix any outstanding issues.
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          I think it is unreasonable to expect the factory to vacuum sawdust for every time they cut an opening. They do vacuum the unit prior to shipment and the dealer should vacuum again when they do your PDI. As you use the unit, expect some sawdust to come down as you travel and bounce the coach around. It runs out eventually. Yes, there are lots of switches and they do not have a diagram, one would be nice. I agree the tech is often confusing, but my iPhone still baffles me as well, not Northwoods fault. Is your leaky valve on the kitchen gray valve? Ours appears to leak, but not until we move and the water between the discharge and the valve all moves downhill. All in all, have reasonable expectations, both from the factory and your dealer. Yes, there is a lot of room for improvement, but given a chance, I think you will be very happy with your AF down the road.
          Ken and Rita Madsen
          2003 GMC Duramax, 2016 27-5L AF


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            Iíve gotta agree with Ken on the vacuuming. A few friends are new home builders who part of their expense is paying a cleaning company to clean the home when they are ready to turn it to the owners, or up for sale. None of those home are moved down the road like our rigs shaking more dust out that wasnít there after cleaned.
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              Guess we were fortunate about not having sawdust, yes shower leaked, but fixed. As an ex home builder, I always had homes given a good final cleaning before a final inspection by self to find any details to address. I thought that was thing to do. But, too......I wasn't mass production.
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