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A question. Anyone with a new rig in the last 2 years....

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  • A question. Anyone with a new rig in the last 2 years....

    I was looking for the sheet of paper that is often taped to the inside of a cabinet door, listing
    Model, Year, VIN number, Weight, Appliance serial numbers, Tire brand and serial numbers, etc.

    So the question is, anyone get one of these, and if so, where did you find it?
    2017 AF 35-5Z
    2017 F450 Lariat

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    We didn't find a sheet like that in our 2016 and I don't recall it in the paper work the dealer gave us.
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      Arctic Fox has three useful stickers the one you are asking about is inside a cabinet right inside the door. There is a yellow sticker inside the outside door frame with weight info. And one on the outside front drivers side corner.
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        I believe that was the spec sheet for the unit - do you remember if it also listed the MSRP? The sheet I'm thinking of has all that same information and is specific to the coach it is in. If you don't have it in your paperwork, perhaps the dealer will have a copy from your purchase.
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          All we received as a jumbled mass of individual Mfr component manuals overstuffed haphazardly into a torn and falling apart manila envelope.


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            Originally posted by Gray View Post

            All we received as a jumbled mass of individual Mfr component manuals overstuffed haphazardly into a torn and falling apart manila envelope.
            That's the standard "owners manual."

            The two second hand AFs I've owned did have the lists mentioned above.
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              Thanks, everyone. Sounds like it's hit or miss if you get one. I've looked in every cabinet, drawer and "manual" and
              haven't come across it yet. I did contact my dealer and they said they'd look into it, but I'm not holding my breath.

              Actually, I'm going there tomorrow. One of my propane tanks has a bent valve handle. The handle is pot metal
              so it got cracked and the screw that secures it to the valve stem is bent, so I'm getting another tank from them. I'm
              not taking a chance with possible damage to the valve itself.
              2017 AF 35-5Z
              2017 F450 Lariat


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                Hey, I just found what you were talking about in your original post. I found it on the inside of the right side door near the entry. Below the control panel.
                It is a sticker with all the info.
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                  Haven't seen anything like it, but do have the info on a door shown by a few others here
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                    Yep, that's what I was asking about. Didn't get one. Maybe I'll email NW. Nothing from the dealer.
                    2017 AF 35-5Z
                    2017 F450 Lariat


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                      Just a shout out to Thunder RV, when we bought our Fox Mountain from them we got all the manuals for all systems in a nice binder. Everything we need to know about our Fox is in the binder. Pretty cool I think.
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                        Re-reading the OP question - That paper / sticker is located on the inside of a kitchen cabinet door on my 25W.