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Seeking cold weather camping tips

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    Originally posted by Werk View Post
    What ever you do out there be careful with portable heaters. This guy was visiting Bend and his sewer line froze up and he ended up loosing his whole rig.

    We don't leave the portables plugged in & unattended. We'll rely on only the furnace set at 50-55 when we're away from the camper. And our holding tanks heater on if below freezing. That was what I did with truck camper (minus the holding tank heater which was not on it) and that space heated up pretty quickly. Suspect the 30' fifth wheel will take a bit longer, but with a portable in both living area and bedroom it should be warm relatively quick.


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      In addition to some of the above suggestions, I put Reflectix in all but a couple of windows.

      If your sky lights are the same as mine, there is an inner and outer dome. You can remove the
      inside piece and fit reflectix in there between the domes.

      Leave your closet and cabinets cracked open so the air inside them get heated.

      I have a heated water hose now but I have filled and used my fresh water tank in the past.

      I don't know if this works yet as it hasn't been freezing again, but I twined the hose I use to
      flush the black tank around the heated hose.

      We have electric heaters but let the furnace run more often to keep the basement (and floor)
      warm. Also have tank heaters if it gets cold enough.

      When it was below freezing for several days the Valterra twist on sewer termination valve did freeze.
      I put a small electric heater, set at the 750W setting, on a 5 gal bucket about 12" away BUT
      I checked it every couple of minutes and the valve freed up after about 5 minutes.

      I would have done skirting but it's not allowed in this park.

      An extra blanket at night and fuzzy slippers and an insulated shirt during the day.

      I did buy an extra propane tank so I can wait until two are empty so I don't have to go to get them
      filled as often.

      Also have a 55 cup (3.4 gal) dehumidifyer. It's a space hog but works so much better than desicant
      it you have a humidity issue.
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        We've wintered at Ft Knox with several consecutive weeks in the teens and twenties at night and consecutive days below freezing.

        Our 36' other brand fiver had heated tanks and an electric "fireplace" heater. Our A/C had a heat pump for heating but that was only good for temps down to about 40. My wife kept the temp warm as she doesn't lie to have to bundle up while inside. Our three huge slides were never pulled in. She also used the propane oven and stove daily. We only went thru a 40# tank of propane on a weekly basis. From what I saw of the build for that 5vr and the AF I do not believe it was any better insulated than the AF are insulated.

        We kept the freshwater tank full for emergency use. We were able to stay hooked up to the water supply with a heated drinking water hose. The frost-free faucet stood about 2-3 feet high. I wrapped that and my water pressure regulator with a pipe heater, wrapped that with insulation and covered the entire setup with an overturned trash can. I also put an insulated pipe elbow on the connection for the heated water hose and the trailer hookup. There was one waterline behind a wall in the pass thru that I was a little worried about so on occasion I'd hang a drop light in that small area. I'm a big believer in using remote wireless thermometers to monitor areas of concern. As mentioned, foam inserts in fan and skylight openings make a big difference.

        I do believe I'd have saved a lot of propane had I skirted the 5vr.
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          Do you have thermopane windows? How so, in any event there is thermo material, which you're likely aware of to put inside all windows for extra help with staying warm. The advice of keeping a window cracked open at night is a good thing. If connected to RV space water, a electric heating cord wrapped inside insulation to prevent water line freezing. I lived in a mobile home in Hellgate Canyon is East Missoula in my 20's. It got cold and wind blew like hell as location suggests. I even had a little wood stove installed which the Fox Mtn has no room for and was comfortable. My Alaskan Native Indian dog, I brought down from Fairbanks, used to give me the look like from a Robert Service poem and having me for supper!!! Hope you stay warm this winter/spring.
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