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    When boon docking in remote areas what is the best method for doing work on the internet?: I only have old knowledge on this subject from previous years.which was getting a high antenna above your rig to pick up distant sites, I have seen this previously used but there are so many new products out there, It may be a combination of several things. I just don't know what the current method most use while working remotely for work related projects.
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    Yes an antenna is part of the solution. You need a Cell Phone Booster to connect to the antenna system:
    /ref=sr_1_8?dchild=1&keywords=rv+cell+phone+booster &qid=1623269197&sr=8-8

    Is the most commonly recommended. There are other cheaper versions, we have one. I'm not going to recommend that one. Ours works and we almost always have a usable signal. However how much bandwidth you need is a big issue. I generally use less than 40 or 50 GB/month. If you need a lot more than that then you may have problems.
    We have not had to raise our antenna pole yet, the omnidirectional antenna sits right above our ladder top at maybe ten or eleven feet and works. The time when you would need to raise the antenna is when the cell phone tower is out of line of sight, we could raise the antenna to 20 feet.
    We use an extensible painter's pole as the antenna mast, $35 at Lowes. You could spend over a $100 buying an official cell phone mast.
    We accidentally acquired a directional antenna, but I have not used it yet. You want to stick to the omnidirectional unless you need the extra boost from a directional antenna, unless you like fiddling around with which direction the antenna is pointing.
    But to get to the end point here, we have had a signal in every spot we camped at including remote boondocking except at one RV park in southern Utah where they parked us inbetween two big class A's that blocked the signal. The park had excellent WIFI tho so I used that. We use Visible unlimited which is on the Verizon system.

    Tito has several videos on this:
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