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Underbelly frame and tank rust

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  • Underbelly frame and tank rust

    Hi - I'm considering purchasing a 2008 Arctic Fox M-26Z2. The inside looks clean. The exterior walls and ceiling look decent for their age. The underside frame was mostly painted. The frame not painted, some of the rear bumper, and the visible part of the waste water holding tanks show rust (pictures found here: Any idea as to how much of an issue (or cost) this could be to repair?

    There are also unconnected wires hanging from the waste holding tanks. Any idea is to why they're there?

    Many thanks in advance for your help here.

    2008 Arctic Fox M--26Z2

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    Originally posted by Willaa14 View Post

    There are also unconnected wires hanging from the waste holding tanks. Any idea is to why they're there?

    Many thanks in advance for your help here.

    Those wires are used when troubleshooting the tank level indicator sensors. I don't know exactly how they are used, but that's what they are for.

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      Frames can almost be rusty on delivery.
      IMHO surface rust is not a problem.
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        Our frame was rusty the first year. It seems the paint used at the factory is not high quality. The first link Art posted is our trailer. Repainting is not a fun job but doable. I have no idea what it would cost to hire it done as I did mine myself.

        Edit: Sorry I hadn't taken time to look at the picture before posting. I would agree with RocklinDave below and his assessment. The rust on the side support on the frame is not just surface rust. There are large flakes of rust. I wouldn't want to make any assessment of frame integrity from pictures but to me the frame would need to be painted immediately to stop further damage.
        The plexiglass would be very concerning.
        I agree with Dave. Looks like it could be a money pit.
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          A strange sheet of plexiglass screwed onto the door over the exterior window is the 1st red flag.....

          From the 'delivery check-out form' photo, it appears the trailer may have been originally purchased / delivered to a construction company.

          At the very least based on photos:
          • Rear bumper will need to be replaced due to rust damage (beyond surface rust)
          • Several areas of trim will have to be replaced due to damage, other areas re-caulked
          • Due to poor caulking trim areas, check for water intrusion / damage areas & obvious leaks
          • Door will have to be repaired due to possible window damage and to remove / repair prior poor plexiglass repair
          • Repair rust (possible structural support damage) under trailer

          From the deferred maintenance seen in the photos, I would be very hesitant in purchasing this trailer unless first checked by a qualified trailer repair facility with a fine toothed comb, paying attention to any interior water intrusion, roof condition / soft structural areas (water damage), delamination of exterior sheeting, condition of appliances, wheels / brakes / axles, water damage around windows, etc.

          When I see serious deferred maintenance / poor DIY repairs on anything (car, boat, home, RV, etc), the first thing I think, whats going on that can't be seen or what was covered up to sell it.....

          This trailer could be a serious 'money-pit' once repairs are started.
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            All of this input has been incredibly helpful. I really appreciate you all taking the time to respond.

            I agree the condition is a reflection of how the trailer has been treated and sense I am going to pass on purchasing it. I see this as an investment, how much will I pay for it, how much will repairs cost in money and/or time, and for how much could I sell it. I'll speak to the current owner, see what they're flexibility in price is, and look for other used trailers for sale.

            Thank you all again!

            2008 Arctic Fox M--26Z2