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  • Net Carrying Capacity etc

    Hi Folks,

    Could you please correct me if I am wrong -

    We are thinking to switch to FW from TT in the future, and learning AF floor plans I've found that the 35-5Z Net Carrying Capacity is only 1,706 lb.

    900 lb of them is 100 gal of freshwater (tank+heater)
    Let's grant 300 lb to the rest of the tanks (I can't imagine the situation when all 3 tanks are full).
    160 lb goes to W/D combo
    50 lb goes to 2 batteries
    160 lb full propane tanks
    200 lb kitchen things and food
    200 lb all wardrobe and sleeping stuff


    1970 lb

    Looks strange, maybe there is a mistake? My 25W has 3,000+ lb and such huge FW only 1,700??

    And folks, from your experience, how much of Net Carrying Capacity you require? I always easily fit in 2,000 lb but I am not a fulltime...

    Thank you in advance
    2020 25W -> 2019 Tundra 1794

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    Sounds right for Northwood. I have the onboard generator up front so that make it heavy on the pin. With nothing in the tanks other than HW heater and modestly loaded for travel, I am at 16,400 lbs+.When I load my vespa on the back its at about 16,700 lbs. At Cat scales, I was at 12,500+ lbs on the axles so I'm in good shape there. I switched to 17.5 wheels + tires just because tires seems to be the achilles heel.
    2017 Chevy Duramax 3500 LTZ DRW + 50 gal Transfer flow Aux Tank + Trailer Saver BD-5
    2020 Arctic Fox 32-5m with all bells and whistles.