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Grande Rhonde Weight And Length Change

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  • Grande Rhonde Weight And Length Change

    Just out of curiosity stirred by another posting, I created a spreadsheet to compare some key specs for the Northwood fifth wheels using the 2018 brochure and the current specs on the Northwood website.
    As you can see from the table below, there have generally been some increases in length but more importantly decreases in carrying capacity related to weight gain. It is hard to believe that the changes are due to the increase in length given that the 27-5L did not really get longer. Maybe it is the longer name or possibly the switch to Furrion kitchen appliances. It seems very strange given the layouts did not change and I am unaware of any significant change in amenities.
    27-5L 28-5C 29-5T 29-5K 32-5M 35-5Z
    Length 2018 29'5" 31'11" 33'11" 35'2" 36'2" 38'11"
    Length 2020 29’9″ 32’2″ 34’7 35'10" 36’10” 39’8″
    GVWR 2018 13,400 16,000 15,700 16,600 16,500 16,300
    GVWR 2020 13,600 15,700 15,800 16,300 16,300 16,100
    Net Change in GVWR (2020-2018) 200 (300) 100 (300) (200) (200)
    Net Carrying Cap. 2018 3,750 4,440 4,824 5,392 4,470 3,509
    Net Carrying Cap. 2020 2,665 3,611 3,170 3,346 2,809 1,706
    Net Change in Carrying Cap. (2020-2018) (1,085) (829) (1,654) (2,046) (1,661) (1,803)
    % Change in Carrying Cap. -28.9% -18.7% -34.3% -37.9% -37.2% -51.4%
    Tom & Lynn
    2018 F350 DRW 6.7 Powerstroke
    2019 AF 27-5L

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    I wonder why the huge difference in Net Carrying Capacity.
    Kim + Betsy
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    2017 F450 Lariat


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      My gut says something changed in the formula they use to calculate the #'s. But that is just a gut feeling.

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        Maybe their scale needs calibration!
        Tom & Lynn
        2018 F350 DRW 6.7 Powerstroke
        2019 AF 27-5L


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          I think this really needs to be answered. I'm going to inquire with northwood.
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            One reason for a drop in net carry capacity is if they have turned optional features into std options. For example, I think I recall hearing that they have made the 2" receiver a std feature now, use to be a option. The steel in it has to be 2-300 pounds, so that would have to add to the dry weight and come off the net carry capacity. Otherwise as stated it would have to be added or updated items and features. The new swing down entry stairs have to be heavier then the previous folding stairs under the frame. I know when we bought our 2016, Northwood had move 2 or 3 things from the options list to a std feature, seems like a trend they have. It doesn't take doing this to many years in a row to bump the weight. My guess is they are finally doing a update on paper work for changes over the last few years.
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              FWIW: I did notice that even the Nash 26N has changed specs like that since our 2018 model.

              Among other changes:

              2018 GVWR 8800
              2020 GVWR 9200

              2018 Dry Axle Wt 5514
              2020 Dry Axle Wt 5809

              2018 Hitch Wt 678 Ours equipped and loaded is close to 1,000 which I think is a heavy hitch for this TT
              2020 Hitch Wt 743 So it even heavier than ours

              2018 Net Carry Cap 2608
              2020 Net Carry Cap 2648

              2020 has 2 gallons more gray tank, 1 gallon more fresh

              Length, height, width is the same

              Don't know about axle size comparison.

              Don't know if anything physical changed about the TT, except shocks, or just the calculations of numbers.
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                Just to weigh in (sorry) with the actuals of our 2021 27-5L.

                Ours is fully optioned, with a 5500 watt Onan generator. (280 lbs). The weights were with 0 water, and about 200 lbs of dishes/tools/bedding.

                Trailer Pin: 2380 (19.6%)
                Trailer Axles: 9720
                Total weight: 12,100
                From the data plate:
                GVR: 13400
                Carrying Capacity: 1247
                (implied empty weight of 12,153)
                Actual Net Carrying Capacity of 1300 lbs.

                One odd thing: our trailer has 5800 lb axles (our old 2003 28-5 had 6000 lb axles).
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                  I did get an answer from Northwood:

                  Hello David,

                  Any change over the years is attributed to the regulations of tires and axles as well as a growing floor plan. We've added room in the rear of several units to better accommodate furniture that rides there, this also raises the units weight which lowers the GVWR. Hope this helps. Have a great day!

                  Thank You,
                  2020 Ram 3500 DRW, 2020 AF 29-5T


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                    I believe the auto leveling is now standard on some models. That adds a lot of weight..
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