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    My wife and I are taking delivery of our new AF next week in PA. Since we live 4 hours away, we are spending a few days at a local campground to make sure there are no major issues. This is our first time winter camping - any advice would be appreciated.

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    We did about the same last year. The dealer had winterized because of the cold weather so we had to decide if you needed to flush out the water system, chlorinate, and then re-winterize when we got back home. Also double check to be sure the campground has water available at the sites. Here in Ohio, a lot of the campgrounds turn off the water during winter months even at the full hookup sites.
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      Will do, thank you


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        Generally when we go in the winter and do not want to de-winterize is just camp close to the bath hose and use wash tubs and a jugs of water in the camper.
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          During your PDI be sure to check the underside and frame for rust. I had a Nash that built in Jan/Feb and have never seen a frame covered with some much surface rust.
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            First congratulations on your new RV. We learned after we bought our first that there was such a thing as a PDI: Pre Delivery Inspection. It is comprehensive and includes many items that we, as excited new owners, tend to overlook. We provided the one we used to our dealer in advance of the walk through so there'd be no surprises. I believe there's one on this site.

            We'd also read where purchasers had arranged to spend the night on the dealers grounds testing all the systems, including those with 12v and 110, on board and city water, before signing over the purchase funds. We did that with ours as well as filming the walk through. As examples we found a large gash in the table top. The dealer exchanged it for one on the lot in another unit. One of the lights was missing a cover again another unit to the rescue. The shower leaked around the door, it was re-caulked. There were others but there was not the usual make an appointment and we'll get to it.

            The dealer winterizes multiple units and has it down to a minimum labor and materials expense. They should offer to reverse the process, let you stay/use (how else are you going to check out the systems: hot water, stove and yes we cooked, showered and slept in ours on the lot) attend to any issues and then re-prep for winter.

            Given how much of a problem it can be to get warranty work done along with all the time spent getting it delivered and then returned home, taking care of those issues on the spot or before taking delivery worked well for us.
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              I'll contact the dealer, thanks


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                If it is Kelly RV, I would ask them to do the walk through on day one without the unit being winterized. They should have room inside to thoroughly test everything without having it winterized. You could then spend the rest of the day going through the unit, when it is still inside. Go relax and stay at a local hotel.

                The next day I would tow it as early as possible to the campground without the unit being winterized. Just make sure you can run the heat and keep the tanks from freezing. If the campground has the water turned on, find out from them if it is heated at the spigot or if you need to bring some type of heat tape or hose wrap to keep the water from freezing between the spigot and your trailer. Hopefully you have already tested the water pump and freshwater tank system a the dealer.

                After spending a couple days in the trailer take it back to the dealer. Then have them fix any warranty issues (there will probably be something) and plan on staying or come back to pick it up. I would not hesitate to leave the trailer with them and drive home without it. There is a good chance something might need to be ordered and that could take 4 or 5 days for them to get the part(s). Then you can come back once everything is completed. If there are no warranty issues have them winterize it and be on your way. If you need something to be fixed the time to do it is when you are there by the dealer and have the dealer do it. Don't wait and try to have it repaired when you get back home.

                I looked at the weather for that area in PA and it looks pretty decent, for January that is.
                One final thought, make sure you have enough length in you water hose, sewer hose and electrical cord to reach at the campground. The little starter kit they give you is on the short side.

                Good luck and please report back to let us all know how it went.
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                  Yes Kelly RV. Thanks again, I'll let you know how it goes.