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2019 Nash 26N - 9 months later

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  • 2019 Nash 26N - 9 months later

    Well, we're 9 months into ownership at this point. Being our first Trailer/RV we've had a lot to learn in these 9 months.....

    -RV Dealership parts departments suck. Prices are insanely high; I over-spent by hundreds on accessories that we needed for our first camp vs what I could have paid on amazon for the exact same part.
    -Still very happy with our Nash. It's not perfect, but it seems to be a lot more solid than other RV's that we've walked through. Even though we're very happy with our trailer, we still go check out other RVs whenever there is a show in town. I tend to get a few ideas for stuff that I'd like to do when we hit the shows.
    -Winterization was a LOT easier than I was expecting. The only tricky part was finding the hot water heater bypass valve; big shout out to Will for helping me find that! Wasted a gallon of antifreeze by missing that. Whoops.

    The unfortunate:
    -the wood in the trailer dings/scratches easily. Our dog squeezed in between my leg and a cabinet and his leather caller dinged the corner. Fixable, but annoying.
    -Tail light falling off!!!! Just found this little gem today. Was working on mounting our satellite dish to the roof and glanced down as I was climbing up; I noticed a gap between the rear housing of the light and the trailer body. When I opened it up, I found 2 screws (on the same side) backed out quite a bit. When I attempted to tighten them down, I found them both stripped. Sigh, guess I'll fix that tomorrow
    -black trim discoloration. While I realize the trailer isn't stored indoors (we store it outside for now), I'm disappointed with how fast the black trim around windows, doors, the outdoor bluetooth speaker, etc has faded. Lots of oxidation. Cleanable, but annoying. My 2014 truck lives outdoors and doesn't have anywhere near the level of oxidation on it's plastic trim that the trailer has.
    -Sealant - Maybe I was overly optimistic as a new/first time owner... but I expected the sealant around the windows, doors, etc to last more than a year. Add another job to the list.
    -wiring in the entertainment cabinet. While it's not a fire hazard or anything even remotely like that; whomever does their electrical work defiantly doesn't have the attention to detail that I have when it comes to running wire. One of my future projects is to open that area up and clean it up and add connections for some of my devices as I'm hard-wiring as much as I can to 12V to avoid the wall-warts/120v use. I'm trying to have as much equipment usable as possible without hookups.
    -I was using the generator compartment (sheet metal box as we don't have the generator) to store our sewer hose, and a flushing hose (not used for our water-fill system). It's falling apart from the 2 hoses being inside of it. Now that I've gotten used to welding stuff, I'll weld some metal to re-enforce the box as there isn't much there to begin with.
    -CH751 locks. I replaced all the locks on the trailer (door and cabinet) with an aftermarket set that all uses the same key. Seems like for about $10/lock they could have included locks that all used the same key. I can't think of many end-users that enjoy sharing a key with just about every other trailer out there. I feel better knowing that my accessories/tools are (more) secure in the trailer; as secure as you can get locked behind fiberglass and foam.

    Future Projects:
    -Now that I have a 1 Ton truck (we started with a F150), I want to work on building a bigger battery box. I'll weld up a metal box that's lockable to store a few batteries and some of my leveling blocks. It'll be well vented so that I don't run into issues. Torque lift makes a box that I like, but I feel like I can build exactly what I want for less than they charge.
    -Hard wiring my Mopeka Propane level sensors. I've been very disappointed with the battery life in the device, however I really like how it works. Rather than replace the CR2032 batteries every trip, I'm going to make "dummy batteries" using copper disks with leads soldered to them, and a plastic spacer in the middle (I'll 3D print a few). The leads will go to a quick-disconnect/waterproof connector outside of the sensor. I picked up a 12v to 3v step down module that'll connect to the sensors via the quick disconnects. While I'll have the wires to navigate around, I'll never have to worry about a sensor battery wearing down and causing a mis-reading.
    -wireless HDMI from entertainment TV to bedroom TV. We have an Kindle Fire-Stick, Satellite TV, and blu-ray player that I would like to share between the rooms. The IOGear system that I'm going to use allows you to transmit one signal to one TV while the other TV gets either the same or different signal; pretty neat.

    '19 Nash 26N ( - mods & projects)

    '14 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 6.7 Cummins - Level, Airbags, few other things here-and-there.

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    Oh, forgot to mention one of the most concerning things that happened.

    Today I was making some brackets to hold my satellite dish to the roof and accidentally rotated one of the posts that holds up the luggage rack. While I was annoyed that I broke the seal on the post (I'll fix that tomorrow), I was REALLY surprised by the amount of water that came running OUT OF THE LUGGAGE RACK!?!?

    Guess I've got a LOT more sealing to do. Sigh.
    '19 Nash 26N ( - mods & projects)

    '14 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 6.7 Cummins - Level, Airbags, few other things here-and-there.


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      You might want to check this out for your sewer hose.
      search this. RV Sewer Hose Storage - "Drawer".

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        THANK YOU for reminding me about the water in the luggage rack problem. I saw this thread in the past but forgot about it. Might help ya.....
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          The post about the luggage rack is very timely. I happened to be up on the roof yesterday installing some roof vent covers and got to thinking about the rack and how it was completely useless to us. I never thought about the possibility that it might have water in it. I guess I need to crawl back up there and take a look.

          As to the sewage hose holder, I use a diy holder made of plastic fence post and attached under the trailer. It works great and holds 2 full lengths of hose.
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