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Satellite coax connector behind TV is connected to nothing.

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  • RocklinDave
    Jamey is correct, check behind the wall plate behind your television. There you will find several cables, with one that runs from the exterior jack (others go to the antenna, the bedroom and the roof satellite connector).

    In a perfect world, the exterior cable should be connected to one of the plate connectors behind your television. Several members have found that the cable was loose / not connected.

    Click image for larger version

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  • Jamey
    Take those plates off the wall, if I remember right (sometimes I don't) mine was hooked up to one of the other jacks, or it wasn't hooked up and just dangling back there. I now use my satellite connection for an external antenna I have been strapping to the rear ladder when we are stopped with poor signal on the factory antenna.

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  • Satellite coax connector behind TV is connected to nothing.

    I assumed that the Satellite coax connector out above the water compartment door was connected to the Satellite coax connector behind the TV. I was wrong. There is absolutely nothing connected to the satellite coax connector behind the TV. What's the point?