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Arctic fox exterior sidewall finish

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  • Arctic fox exterior sidewall finish

    I picked up my 32-5m a few weeks ago and couldnt help notice that the finish on the Arctic Fox has a very textured finish (Sheen) compared to its competitors and even compared to its sister company. Any reason Northwood has not gone to the more "high end" looking finish on it exterior sidewalls? I didnt notice it that much in my investigation mode while searching but when you get up close while waxing you can see fiberglass strands reading though the finish. Is this just the old school way of building sidewalls and Northwood hasn't changed their process?
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    I looked closely at mine and I would say it is the same. While smooth to the touch it you look at it at an angle it has almost an orange peel look to it. No idea if it is the norm or an anomaly.
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