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Dog Crate under Bed - Almost Done

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  • Dog Crate under Bed - Almost Done

    Thought I'd share the 85% done picture of my latest project.

    Wanted a crate for our dogs for when we do things that they can't go with us. Tried to hire a few people to do the job and they would blow me off when it was time to put down the downpayment for the work.

    Ended up buying a welder, some other metal tools, and built it myself. As I'm fairly new to welding there was a lot I learned and there are several places to improve.

    We leave for a week trip tomorrow, so right now it's good enough to get us through the trip. When we get back, I'm going to pull it out and put a pan in the bottom, a sheet of metal in the back, and replace the plywood that is hinged under the bed. I built the crate to the size of the bed to give them as much space as possible, unfortunately the factory plywood is about 3-4" short of the length of the mattress. We didn't use the storage under the bed and just had a fold-up dog crate in the living room area; so this opened up a lot of space for us.

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    I read your DIY story / photos - great project - you did a fantastic welding job!

    I'd be afraid of my wife throwing some BBQ in the back of the cage and while I was crawling inside, locking me in .
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      Wow when you built a crate you were not playing around. It looks like it could hold a raptor.

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        Thank you sir!

        Tested it out with the dogs after posting; they jumped in the trailer and looked around. I opened the doors and said "go to jail" - both dogs ran into the crate and laid down. Guess it works

        I probably spent about 30 hours (just a guess, I really didn't pay attention) between this and the "welding table." Built a table out of a 4'x5'x1/2" slab of metal. That thing made a HUGE difference building the crate.

        I have a whole new respect for people who weld/fabricate for a living.

        Originally posted by Inconceivable View Post
        Wow when you built a crate you were not playing around. It looks like it could hold a raptor.

        You're not kidding. That was actually what I joked about when I was spec'ing all the metal out - I needed to secure a raptor. The end weight is probably 100ish pounds without the sheet metal. I'm expecting it'll add another 50 pounds when I put the bottom and back in. Going to keep the top the plywood so I can open it to clean up if needed.

        Long time ago (few dogs back) I had a Pitt that breached her dog crate; she figured out how to fold the wall down. She proceeded to rip the molding off of every door in the house while we were at work. I wanted to ensure that could NOT happen in the trailer. That's an easy fix for a house; I don't want to imagine how much damage a dog with separation anxiety could do in the trailer in a few hours.

        We're not going to keep them in there all the time, there's just some places we go that they can't go with us. This trip we're going to an indoor waterpark in Flagstaff - my son is really exited about that. Going to hit up the Grand Canyon, the meteor crater, some water falls, and other stuff while in Flag.

        Something funny I did learn on this project. I wanted to do the wire mesh on the sides as I didn't like how the expanded metal would look inside the trailer. A sheet of wire mesh is about $450.

        Costco sells industrial shelving that uses the exact same wire mesh. They use an equivalent of 2 sheets for the shelving; the shelving unit costs $150. I used 2 of the shelves (mesh) on the dog crate build. I'm simply going to replace it with 3/4" plywood.
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          I have welded all my life and you did a great job. Enjoy
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            Wow I never would of guessed this was your first time welding! Fantastic job and nice tip on how you saved more then several dollars finding that shelving. Loved the story about your pitt bull. Reminded me of my lab and how he figured out how to work the latched on our back yard fence to get out. I put a chain on the gates after that and he figure out how to work the door latches on the garden shed and just past thought there to get out. So with that said I am guessing you came up with a way to latch down the bed so they don't push up on it to get out.
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              Yeah, I removed the struts so the weight of the bed is pushing down on the crate. I also used some metal screws (several) through the plywood into the crate. This holds it down fairly well. If they breach that; I'll just weld a sheet on top. I'm trying to avoid that so that I can clean if needed.
              '19 Nash 26N ( - mods & projects)

              '14 Ram 3500 Mega Cab 6.7 Cummins - Level, Airbags, few other things here-and-there.