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    I've searched the forum but could not find anything specific about air compressors.

    I want to purchase an air compressor that is powerful enough to air up the RV/Truck tires. We boondock often and have had to lower air pressure to get in/out of some of our favorite places but also want it for topping off as needed.
    Things to consider are:
    • either 12v or 120v
    • Will pump up several tires without shutting down (overheating)
    • Will not take hours on end to fill a tire
    • As compact as possible
    I've looked at several brands/styles and wonder if price really reflects quality such as Viair compressors which are very small but prices range substantially.
    Would appreciate If you can share what you have and how it performs. Thanks!

    Kirk n Kay and Mickey, the big black lab
    2012 F-250
    2016 27-5L

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    Unless your filling up an air mattress or beach toys - you get what you pay for.

    We have the Viair 88p.

    Has no problem inflating / topping off a 80psi truck / trailer tire. I don't think any small portable compressors will fill up multiple large tires, without having a cool-down period. Ours is 12v (important for on the road use) and fits easily under the back truck seat.

    We've needed to use it a couple of times on the road, worked great.
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      We have the Via Air 400P RV. Decent 12 volt compressor that I can use on the trailer and truck.

      Click image for larger version

Name:	400P-RVA-Compressor.jpg
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        We just bought the Viair 400p. It is 150psi and 33% duty cycle or 20 minutes of continuos use. We havenít had to use it much yet but purchased Viair because I have an air compressor on the corn planter. It runs off and on all day long. It is a Viair 12 volt and have never had any trouble with it in 4 years. I will never come close to the hrs run on the planter with the one in the trailer. With air suspension we decided an air compressor was a must.
        Steve & Brenda and Our Cocker Spaniel Bella
        2017 RAM Diesel Laramie 4x4
        2017 Arctic Fox 25Y, Hensley Arrow


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          Our Viair 300P has lived under the back seat of our truck(s) for nearly 10 years now. For managing 80 psi tires on the road, that's all the compressor we need.
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            The Home Depot website prices are much lower than Camping World. I would not be suprised if CW was having them shipped directly from Amazon or some other third party.
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              I have one of these:


              It is a bit on the large side, but it will do 4 33" tires from 15# to 32# in about 9 minutes. I cannot comment on the Viair, as I've never used one, but this one was faster than my buddy's ARB.


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                I carry a Viair 40047. Works well, hooks to 12V, does get warm, but cools off quickly.
                Dave & Sandy
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                2013 Nash 23D
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                  Viair 450P-RV
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                    Timely thread here. I have been on the Viair site the past few days debating which model would work for me. I thought the the regular 400P looked like the best bang for the buck at about $180 on Amazon. The 400P automatic is $70 more for the automatic shutoff feature, doesn't seem like that would be worth it. Above I see that RocklinDave is using the 88P and at $65 on Amazon that might be the ticket.
                    Kurt, Leslie and Cooper
                    Flagstaff, AZ
                    2018 27-5L
                    2018 RAM 2500 6.7L


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                      I also have the 88P and have only used it a couple of times.
                      I kinda wished it didn't have the screw on connector but in the end not to much air cones out as you are taking it off and it is very secure when on.
                      I connect it run it then turn it off so the onboard pressure gauge will be accurate. if it needs more air turn it back on.
                      2018 GMC 3500 SB diesel
                      2017 Arctic fox 27-5l 50Amp 5.5 Gen, 4 6 volt, 450W solar,ARPrv,michelin xps,built in surge suppressor, Tank Heat Pads and 4 Point Leveling System

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                        I belong to a Jeep club here in Yuma and members routinely air down to 12# or so and up again to 35#. Vair is the most reliable brand for the $. HF and the other cheaper ones fail pretty fast. The 400s all seem to do a pretty good job. They will have enough duty cycle to do all 4 tires. The challenge comes when you are airing up past 35# into the 80-100# range. That's where the 88P takes a while. If you're only doing one tire up a few pounds, it's fine, but if you air down your truck to 15# to get through the deep sand, you'll run out of duty cycle long before you get aired up. So I'd recommend Vair brand in the model that fits your planned usage. Regardless of brand I'd recommend getting one that clamps to the battery terminals direct. When I'm hooked up, I use the trailer battery. I've also replaced the Vair hose with one of those 25' blue ones and a clamp on air chuck. I can reach all 8 tires with that configuration.
                        Ken and Rita Madsen
                        2018 GMC 3500 Duramax, 2016 27-5L AF


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                          I went with the 450P-RV, maybe spent a little more then I needed but I liked it being automatic and continuous duty cycle so I know it will cover all my needs. I hard wired in a couple of Anderson Power connectors on the 27-5L, one in the water bay and one on the curb side pass through wall that I can connect the Vair to for quick and easy airing up the tires on either the trailer or the truck.
                          2016 Ram 3500 Longhorn: 4X4, Crew Cab, LB, DRW, 6.7 Cummins/Aisin, 3.73, Auto Level Rear Air Suspension, Reese 20k Elite Hitch, Amp Bedstep 2, Aero 70 Gal Underbed Fuel Tank
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                            I went with the Viair 450C with pressure switch hooked to a 2.5 gal Viair air tank. Unit is mounted in tool box on the pickup wired direct to batteries. With a 50 ft hose i can reach all the tires. 100% duty cycle has worked great the last couple years.
                            2014 Dodge Laramie 3500 Crew cab SRW 4x4, 6.7 CTD, Eng. Brake, 68RE, 3.42, B&W turn over ball with
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                              Wow, great input and thanks to everyone. Not sure I've decided yet on which one to get yet as costs vs. quality/results varies greatly, but like FlagRS I'm leaning towards the middle of the road, the Viair 400P. I would like to have the extra bells and whistles and at the same time, ensure I get one that will do the job efficiently and as quickly as possible and keep it affordable.
                              Curious Ken, which model do y ou have?
                              I also really like the idea RCKIN did with the Anderson power connectors, did you cut the battery clips off and install the connectors to the pump? Probably a stupid question but like the idea.
                              Thanks again everyone!

                              Kirk n Kay and Mickey, the big black lab
                              2012 F-250
                              2016 27-5L