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Big screw up on my part.

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  • Big screw up on my part.

    I've read several posts on other forums where folks leave their san-i-flush on and the black valve closed. They usually end up with a huge mess on their floor. Well, you guessed it, I did the same thing the other day. We're set up on our RV lot in Yuma and were working in the yard and I thought it would be a good idea to dump and flush the tanks. Got distracted and forgot about what I did when my wife asked why there would be water running off the roof. I pulled the valve and shut off the water and very hesitantly went into the camper expecting the worst. Nothing. I did learn the black tank is black only and all the joints are glued. Got out the spray bottle of bleach and sprayed everything down and rinsed again. Thanks to Northwood for their design. Now on to my next screw up.
    Ken and Rita Madsen
    2018 GMC 3500 Duramax, 2016 27-5L AF

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    None of us has ever done anything similar, Iím sure (assorted smilies). Sounds like no major damage other than ego. And remember, your vent got cleaned out.
    Mark and Anita
    2012 AF 22H dutifully following a 2014 F-350 diesel SB


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      I have my phone timer app handy when I am flushing the black tank.
      Unless I get I get distracted away from earshot I hope I will be good.

      Glad you didn't damage anything that a adult beverage cant make better.
      2018 GMC 3500 SB diesel
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      My 27-5l Manual


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        Maybe a "Black Tank Cleaning Suit" next time ?

        Click image for larger version

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        Travel Blog:

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          Whew!! So glad for you that there was no over flow in your bathroom!!!!!!!! I do what Art does, (Thanks to Bill Z's suggestion), but mistakes happen and I hope that if this ever does happens to me I have the same results as you.
          2005 Dodge Diesel 3500: 5.9L Cummins Turbo-Diesel, 3.73 4WD 4SPD SRW, quad cab, long bed, B&W Companion Hitch. Rebuilt tranny, PakBrake Exhaust Brake, PakBrake Airbags w/ Wireless remote fill.

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            Oh Dave, thanks for the great chuckle on a cold foggy morning!

            I also do as Bill, Art and Karin.
            Rolland & Judie, 2 Shelties, Cozmo & Brinkley

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              I did the same thing (got distracted) and was alerted by my DW's frantic screams. In my case however we had a mess in the bathroom floor. It did get cleaned up OK and was a minimum inflow before being spotted. I can only guess the close valve on the stool was/is loose enough it allowed the back pressure flow. It does not leak on outflow and holds seal water fine.
              Old, fat, ugly and armed
              2017 Artic Fox 29-5T
              Chevy 2500HD, 6.6 Duramax


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                Ok if no one is gonna say it I will

                Dumb Sh!t.


                PS : one of my good friends did this and shared the timer suggestion.

                Glad and it turned out as well as it did.

                this is one of the few dumb things I havenít done yet!

                Dont beat yourself up too much itís easy to do and many have gone before you
                Bill, Mary, and Scottie
                2015 RAM 3500 Crew Cab, Long Bed, 6.7 Cummins/Aisin, SRW, Hensley BD-3 Hitch
                2017 AF 27-5L


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                  Oh. Believe me Iím not beating myself up. Iíve already done all other screwups. This is just the ongoing process of paying tuition. This confession was part of my dissertation.
                  Ken and Rita Madsen
                  2018 GMC 3500 Duramax, 2016 27-5L AF


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                    Thanks for the heads-up Ken. The only reason I've yet to do this is because of everyone on here telling of stuff that happened to them and letting us all learn. I use the phone timer also. I like to flush a bit and then close the valve for two minutes, dump again, then flush a little more. How many minutes does everyone else use?
                    Steve and Shelley. Minnesota
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                    , 440AH Lifeline AGM, aka Fiona


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                      All of our exterior hoses at the residence have a shut off coupling at the male end(found at hardware stores, big box Home Improvement stores, Amazon, etc.........the coupling, not the male end.........well they do have those also). I attach a shut off coupling to the San-T-Flush. The shut off is closed. Water hose is attached to the coupling. Water is turned on.
                      Click image for larger version

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                      The coupling is in the off position until the dump valve is opened. Only until then is the water flow allowed to the ingress through the San-T-Flush.
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                        I also do what Rolland, Art, Karin and Bill do with smart phone. However an alternative shown me is to use a spray nozzle with handle that screws into the San T Flush. If not holding the handle down on sprayer, water stops. Seems a bit tedious, but if you leave the scene, the water stops flowing.


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                          Did the same. Fortunately I was in the rig at the time and heard the toilet gurgling. Made a
                          mad dash out the door to open the dump valve. No disaster, just an elevated heart rate.
                          Kim + Betsy
                          2017 AF 35-5Z
                          2017 F450 Lariat


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                            So the question would be..........Was your dump valve hose connected to a sewer? :-) I imagine so of course.


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                              So this reminds me of having the dump valves open, disconnecting the cap and trying to connect the drain hose in mid stream. I blamed it on someone else.
                              2012 Dodge Laramie, 2500 CTD, crew cab, Reese 16K Slider hitch

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