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Slide out problem

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  • Slide out problem

    Moved the 29-5T into the drive Sunday afternoon to start getting ready to head for the TX gulf coast mid next month. Went to put out the LR slider and it was making a strange noise and not moving. Pushed the retract and it made another strange noise and did not move. Aw man BUMMER - glanced outside and the awning was partially out - I had been pushing the wrong button. Used the correct one and a MIRACLE - it worked!
    Moral of this story - put your glasses on and read the label.
    Old, fat, ugly and armed
    2017 Artic Fox 29-5T
    Chevy 2500HD, 6.6 Duramax

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    After having had super vision most of my life, needing reading glasses is a bummer. Made, and keep making,
    more than my fair share of dumb mistakes because I didn't put my glasses on.
    Kim + Betsy
    2017 AF 35-5Z
    2017 F450 Lariat