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Question about Northwood Snow River water system

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  • Question about Northwood Snow River water system

    I'm still new at this RV thing. I own a Northwood Snow River and wondered about the water system. My specific question is about hooking up to a pressurized water system rather than using the holding tank. When hooking up to a water supply does the system pressurize due to the supply systems water pressure? I believe that hooking up to a constant water supply bypasses the pump. Is this correct? Also, when hooking up to a water system should I disable the RV's pump? Finally, does the water heater tank fill up due to the system supply pressure? Thank you.

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    Hi Mike. Mike here.
    Yes, the city water will pressurize the system. Note that it may overpressurize the system so you MUST buy a pressure regulator to protect from too high of city pressure. We were in Salt Lake City at a KOA and they had 120 psi pressure. They would not rent you a site unless you had a regulator. Buy one and use it.
    Yes, you don't need the pump when hooked up to city pressure. Make sure the pump is turned off at the control panel.
    If the water heater tank is empty, then yes, it will fill up when you hook up to city pressure. But that's no different than if you used the pump to fill the water heater tank. Be sure to read the water heater's manual on how to set the air gap (head space) that the water heater tank needs. Also, if you want to use 120V to heat the water heater, DO NOT turn on the 120V element until you are sure the tank is full. The element will burn out very quickly if it isn't immersed in water.
    Quick way to check if water heater is full of water is to open the hot water faucet and run it until water runs smoothly. Having said that, you might also need to make sure your water heater isn't winterized. Not familiar with how to do that on a 266.
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      Yes, when you are hooked-up to a pressurized hose-bib (city water), your trailer is pressurized to the same psi. That's why it's important, to always use a water pressure regulator. Some parks have high psi and can damage your water pipes/couplings, and cause a flooding situation inside your trailer.

      When hooked up to a hose-bib (city water), there's nothing you need to do to 'disable' the pump.

      To make sure your water heater is full (especially important before using the 110v heating element), connect to your water supply, open a hot water tap inside the trailer and also open the pressure relief valve on the water heater, to bleed off air from inside the tank. Once only water is exiting the relief valve, close it and you should only be getting water, rather than air, from your inside hot water tap.

      *** Sorry Mike, you posted your great answer, while I was typing mine.....
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        Not a problem Dave. Pretty much the same answers.
        Mike K, another thing to watch for when you are on city pressure is if the pressure will get through the pump and backfill the fresh water tank. There is a check valve in the pump that is supposed to prevent that, but that "valve" is pretty weak at best and fails without notice. Next thing you know your fresh water tank is full and you know you didn't fill it up. We finally resolved that problem by installing a check valve in the pump's output line.
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          When starting out after winter and filling the WH for the 1st time I always burp it using the pressure relief valve. That way I know for sure it's full. After that it stays full until we hookup to water or fill the fresh water tank. Never need hot water unless it's hot.
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