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Final Days in YNP and on to the Sawtooths.

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  • Final Days in YNP and on to the Sawtooths.

    Well the final three days in YNP the smoke returned, especially the last two. We made another trip into the Lamar Valley. Saw Bison everywhere. Hundreds of them. Six big 50 critter herds and smaller groups all around. Also saw a few more Antelopes and maybe a griz in the distance. The smoke was very bad tho.
    And we spent one day at the geysers, saw Riverside Geyser erupt, quite interesting. Timing was bad plus a half gale wind kept us from seeing more.

    Next time I think we'll boondock outside West Yellowstone, it's closer to the geysers. I don't know how many times we vistited YNP but maybe 10 or 12 times over the years. But we still have all sorts of exploring left to do. Boondocking went well, 6 days. We carried about 20 gals of water that we pumped into the tanks.

    Next target was the Sawtooths where we have yet to have a good visit. Camped at the Sunny Gulch dispersed camp area for 4 days. The CG is extremely rocky and with big embedded boulders in the roadways. Microwave sized. No fires allowed tho some idiots had a campfire while we were there. There was a wildfire near since we saw Helicopters hauling water buckets north.

    The trails we took were ruined by miles of dead cut down trees. Visited the Gold Dredge which was mildly interesting. Absolutely NO cell signal on Verizon, Wifi in Stanley at the Library. I'm going to have to downrate the Sawtooths, trails were too long or too far away and uglyfied by the dead trees. Might change my mind if we had a better campsite.

    Public Dump stations with water that the FR station and at Redfish Lake. The place was packed for labor Day weekend.
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