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Bryce to Moki Dugway UT- comments on Utah Hwy 95

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  • Bryce to Moki Dugway UT- comments on Utah Hwy 95

    OK I last wrote about Bryce and Zion after two days in a private park and 8 days boondocking we left the area after a near disaster. Cindy needs a grandkid hit so we are headed back east to N. Florida. First stop a boondocking spot near the Moki Dugway.

    So we headed out over the famous hogback on Hwy 12. The scenery is spectacular but we've been over it a number of times before. In a way the most spectacular view was the change from the white sandstone (Navajo Sandstone) to the Red Rock of Capitol Reef. There is one spot where the red rock rises above the white cliffs on the right side of the road. There are excellent boondocking spots a few miles before you reach Torrey, but we were headed further along.

    Anyway we left Hwy 12 behind and got on Hwy 24 east thru Capitol Reef to Hanksville. Capitol reef seemed to be very busy for a midweek. The Visitor Center was closed for lunch.

    Fueled up in Hanksville looking at the no services for 125 miles sign and got on Utah Hwy 95. Nothing special at first, the Henry mountains on the left and bentonite clay mounds on the right, but then we turned south and got into this spectacular red rock canyoun that ran for miles and miles including a graceful bridge across the Colorado near the end. I hate to say it but this area could easily be made into another national park. I think it is BLM land now. The 125 mile warning isn't quite correct since Bull Frog Marina and the town of Hite are off the main highway and have fuel.

    We got to the cut off to the Moki Dugway and got a prime boondocking spot of the cliff side.

    That's a thousand feet down to the mesa tops below and another 1000 feet to the river. Monument Valley is visible on the right horizon.

    There are many boondocking spots all along that road tho of course you do not want to take your RV down the Moki.

    We scouted the Valley of the Gods below and it was packed with campers, maybe 25 or 30 campers in sight. Gooseneck SP has been worked over and given a entry station with disheveled looking ranger. He said they added that three years ago and it is the smallest park in Utah.
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