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For Sale: 2010 Northwood Arctic Fox 30U "Silver Fox Edition"

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  • For Sale: 2010 Northwood Arctic Fox 30U "Silver Fox Edition"

    Update 11/30/2018

    New price, new pics below, made some updates to the camper
    Local RV dealership said they'd consign the RV for $18-$20k, minus their fees.

    ***Taking offers***
    Best current offer is $17,000.


    Hi All - We've decided to sell our well-loved 2010 Northwood Arctic Fox 30u " Silver Fox edition" travel trailer.
    I'm happy to send specific photos or answer any questions at all.
    We've renovated the interior quite a bit. New floors, paint, hardware. I'll put a list below.

    We've had the camper for 2 years now. We traveled all around the US. It was a joy. We're not in a rush to sell. We're just done with our bigger adventures and would like to seriously downsize to a truck camper or teardrop or something else a little more easily manageable.
    I would consider delivering it, but that will obviously have to be a conversation, require a deposit, etc.

    We're in Portland, ME. I have hookups at my house.

    We purchased it through nroa2003 forums from the original owners in Oregon. Great folks. He has a bunch of posts here still (I think). User - LabLover. I spent a nice day with them while they taught me all about the camper, helped me hook up the hitch, etc.

    We're asking $22,000. Taking offers. Just trying to gauge the market a little as well.

    They sell used on RVT and RV Trader for anywhere between $15,000 - $25,000, depending on age, condition, and the season. I realize we're coming into the off-season but we feel this camper is worth it. If you're on the NORA2003 forums, lurking or registered, you should know the value of an Arctic Fox ;-) They're the best!

    - ProPride 3P hitch - This is a huge upgrade. If you're not familiar with the Jim Hensley / Propride hitches, read about them. They're $2500 - $3000 and worth EVERY penny.
    - Stripped & re-Dicor'd the entire roof and windows/doors/exterior. This was a CHORE. But well worth it. The old Dicor was dried out and pre-failure in some spots. We wanted to get it done before a real leak.
    - Changed all 3 vents to new Fantastic Vent fans.
    - Separett Composting toilet - $1000. Easily removable and change to standard toilet, I retained all the original plumbing. I would consider swapping it back (and keeping the Separett) for the buyer if need be. The Separett is not cheap!
    - New tires summer of 2017. Goodyear Endurance. These are the high quality US-made goodyears, not the Marathon's that are made in China or wherever.
    - Painted entire interior (touch up paint included). New hardware on cabinets.
    - New Ikea furniture
    - New lights & fixtures throughout. All LED. Upgraded fridge light to exterior type fixture. SO much better.
    - Roof rack installed & Dicor'd. We had a Yakima box on it (yakima box not included)
    - "roof rack" installed on rear ladder. We had 2x bike racks on it (racks not included)
    - Rear Hitch installed for storage tray, etc.
    - Including the hitch storage tray & bins if the buyer wants!! We have bins that fit it perfectly
    - Including Flojet macerator pump & 75-foot 3/4" commercial hose. Camper is hardwired for macerator pump.
    - Tire Pressure/Temperature sensors & in-truck monitor for all 4 tires. This is a priceless modification.
    - Whole-camper surge protector and voltage monitor installed. Display mounted inside camper
    - Completely removed & rebuilt the propane furnace. Runs amazing. I put dynamat on the cage to quiet it down, and two layers of insulation around it (not covering the return/intakes). It's MUCH quieter.
    - Added pressure tank under sink & flexible hoses to water pump. Keeps the pump from cycling so much and drastically quiets it down. This is a "keeps my wife happy" mod for sure :-D
    - Insulated water lines for sound/freezing (we never had a freezeup, even in the Rockies outside of Denver in January when we went skiing for a week).
    - Added additional taillights/brakelights because the hitch-mount storage rack obstructed the view of the stock ones a bit.
    - Slide cover awnings & front awning all work great
    - Includes 2x "X-Chocks" and tire covers
    - Includes white fresh water hose, RV water filter, pressure regulator
    - Extra twist-on blade valve for sewer. We used this to combine the black & grey tanks for long boondocking trips since we had the composting toilet. We ran out of batteries & fresh water before the tanks needed to be emptied!
    - Recently Replaced the hot water heater element & Anode rod. Even with the anode rod, the element tends to degrade. It was definitely a bit corroded when I removed it.
    - Added some 2.1 speakers (L/R & subwoofer) to the TV. We have an extra ChromeCast for the TV if you'd like it.

    I'm sure there's more little odds 'n' ends or other little convenience mods I'm forgetting. I'm a Carpenter/General Contractor, I can't help myself!

    Camper is Turn-key and ready to go! Literally no issues with it.

    Feel free to email me directly: ChrisHovious[at]gmail(dot)com
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    Here's a few pics. I've gotta get some more with the new floors, there's more furniture in there now, and the new light fixtures.
    And the bathroom bedroom. Will post more soon.


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      Some more photos from today. It could use a good clean but otherwise solid. I have it plugged into to keep the batteries charged. We're motivated to sell, but know the value the Northwood products provide. I'd love to have it out of here before we get too deep into winter, so I'm open to offers.

      Friendly reminder - I'm open to delivering it to your house, within reason. I have a pregnant wife at home! Can't venture too far.

      Hit me up if you're interested!


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        Just winterized 'er today. Stabil brand potable antifreeze in all the water lines. Drained all 3 tanks, drained the hot water heater.
        I checked that the water heater, furnace, and fridge would still fire today as well. All good!


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          more pics (20 pic limit per album/post)


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            Got the recommendations from an RV dealership to:
            - paint over the red walls (done with the same light gray as the rest of the camper)
            - ditch the desk & chair for a dinette

            Also I re-wrapped the memory foam bench with some new fabric. The old fabric was getting a little dingy.
            And gave the camper a solid clean & scrub down.

            thanks for looking!

            (new pics. Pardon the mess I was still cleaning up a bit :-) )
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