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2005 Desert Fox 38-5U Silver Fox toyhauler $15,000

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  • 2005 Desert Fox 38-5U Silver Fox toyhauler $15,000

    I ordered this aluminum frame unit and took delivery in 2005. It's got 160W solar, inverter, and 4 deep cycle batteries. It has been kept outside most of it's life here in Manteca, California, and it shows. It's not a beauty queen but a solid unit that I personally could live in (wife says no to that). I'm posting it here first because you all probably know what great trailers these are. We used it a lot when the kids were younger, but it's just too big for the two of us. I haven't cleaned it out, since we continue to use it once or twice a year. For any serious interest I'll get some pictures, and I'm available for any questions. Scott (209)679-5507
    2008 Dodge 3500 SRW CTD Auto 4X4
    2005 Desert Fox 38-5U
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