With the new look on the forum, I'm taking the opportunity to update the rules (mandatory) and guidelines (recommendations) for the classified section of AFNash.com.

- The use of the classified section of AFNash.com is at your own risk. Attempts have been made in the past to scam sellers/buyers. It is up to you to ensure your transaction is safe and secure. - Please post your ad in the appropriate section. Duplicate ads in different sections will be deleted.
- RV ads for non-Northwood products are not permitted.
- Ads have a time limit of six months. After six months, they will be deleted by a forum moderator without notice. You may re-post your ad after the original has been deleted.
- Do not post a second ad for your item before the six month expiration date. Duplicate ads will be deleted.
- If you want to update the price or add/change info, just reply to the original post. If you make a major mistake in your ad, send a private message (PM) to “Adam” with the requested fix.
- When your item has sold, please send a PM to “Adam” to delete your ad OR post a reply to your ad that the item has been sold.

- Only registered members can send you a PM. This forum has quite a few lurkers, so it might help to include your contact info in your ad.
- Don’t post links to a craigslist ad for your item. Craigslist ads expire after a few days, leaving the link in your post dead.
- If you want to post pictures, you’ll need to find a separate hosting service. AFNash.com does not support local hosting of pictures at this time.