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2018 32-5M w/ 1260w solar setup

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  • 2018 32-5M w/ 1260w solar setup

    Just thought we would start getting some people interested in our Arctic Fox. It has been our home for the last 2 years, but we are buying a house and will have to sell this. We don't close on the house until the beginning of August, so we won't be able to sell until after that. But here is some info anyway. Solar setup was around 20k.

    2018 Arctic Fox 32-5M extra goodies:

    - 1260 watts of solar panels (seven 180 watt panels)
    - Victron Hybrid inverter with color control panel
    - 600ah of lithium batteries
    - Onan 5500 watt propane generator with auto start (we usually set this to start if the battery gets low and run the AC off the battery/solar if it gets hot)
    - Nature's Head composting toilet (no black tank to deal with!)
    - Built a corner bench and table along with different Ikea chair and sofa
    - New kitchen faucet that is much nicer

    We can get more pics once we get more moved out. Just thought we would get something started to see if people are interested. Will be asking for $70,000


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