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Norcold Fridge "reinforcement" kit

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  • Norcold Fridge "reinforcement" kit

    Hey all,

    Just installed my kit and it was super easy install. It is supposed to reinforce the door in a way to prevent what is supposed to be a common failure in that the door breaks. My understanding is when this happens you have to replace the fridge.

    Either way, I wanted the bit of insurance this thing offers. It is a Norcold kit - so the fact they make it leads me to believe this could happen.

    All that as a preamble to the fact the kit came with the parts to do either left hinged or right hinged. My fridge is left hinged - - so I have a full kit for a right hinged fridge I need to part with. No charge - I'll ship USPS to the first to respond they need and will use it.

    I have the 10 cubic foot one that comes in the unit in my sig. Don't know what others this may work for.

    Let me know if your interested......


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