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Looking for Nash or AF 21-5R 5th wheel

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  • Looking for Nash or AF 21-5R 5th wheel

    My wife and I have camped comfortably for about 20 years in an Aliner pop-up that is just the right size for two. After our last trip, my wife asked me how we could include our 4-year-old granddaughter, whose parents do not camp, on our camping trips. This started me thinking about an upgrade and I came up with 5 requirements for a new camper.
    1. It must be a 5th wheel. We are getting older, and the 5th wheel hitch requires the least amount of physical labor to operate. It is also the most stable towing hitch.
    2. It must have a stand-alone tub-based shower. If I am going to get a full-sized trailer, it is going to have a shower I can use comfortably.
    3. I want the trailer to be small, so it must be less than 25 ft. long.
    4. I want the trailer to be light, so no slide-outs.
    5. A preference more than a requirement: I want the living area in the back and bathroom in the middle so that we can use the bathroom without disturbing our sleeping granddaughter.
    In my research, I have identified seven manufacturers that made a version of the 5th wheel that I just described. Unfortunately, this style of camper was made primarily in the 1990’s and 2000’s. From 2005 to 2010, they were phased out in favor of larger, wider (with slide-outs) and more luxurious 5th wheels.
    I am starting my search with Northwood because from their beginning in 1994 through 2010, they made the Nash 21-5R, which is an ideal example of what I want. In addition, from 1998 through 2009, they made the same 5th wheel under the Arctic Fox brand, also numbered the 21-5R.
    I don’t think any other manufacturer made the same trailer over this many years, so I am hoping that there are more of them out there and at least one of them, in decent shape, is for sale.
    Can anyone out there in NROA land help me out?
    I can be contacted directly at [email protected].