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    Originally posted by cobbfmly View Post
    Every Northwood has one.
    Trust me, our AF does not.

    Upon taking delivery of the unit I personally vacuumed and then disinfected every cabinet and accessible compartment in the entire RV.

    There is no information sheet, just as there was no access hole for the spare tire winch crank.
    2016 F-350 SD 4x4 CC LB DRW; B&W RVK3300 Hitch

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      Click image for larger version

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      2004 Chevy 3/4 ton diesel crew cab short box
      2017 Arctic fox 27-5l 50Amp 5.5 Gen, 4 6 volt, 450W solar,ARPrv,michelin xps,built in surge suppressor, 4 step instead of three,Holding Tank Heat Pads and 4 Point Leveling System


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        Originally posted by BZawlocki View Post

        And here is the same info sheet from inside on our 2017 AF27-5L:

        Click image for larger version Name:	2017-12-02 04.52.58.jpg Views:	2 Size:	2.32 MB ID:	264953 There is a difference - I stand corrected - I thought there would be little difference between 2017 and 2018.
        2017 2018
        Hitch 2,165 2,245 Average Dry
        UVW 8,190 11,035 Unloaded Vehicle Weight
        NCC 5,210 2,365 Net Carrying Capacity
        GVWR 13,400 13,400 Gross Vehicle Weight Rating

        I think they just screwed up and put the axle weight instead of the full unladen weight. 8190 + 2165 = 10,355. Sounds about right to me for a 27-5L.

        2017 Ford F-350 XLT SC LB 6.7L Diesel 4x2 SRW
        2018 Arctic Fox 27-5L w/slide-out toppers, 15K AC, bedroom fan vent w/remote/tstat/rain sensor, powered sliding stab jacks, 50 amp service, 2" receiver hitch, Progressive Industries EMS-HW50C, LevelMatePRO, Ford trailer camera & trailer TPMS


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          Just some of my observations and things that I feel could be areas of improvement:
          I wish Northwood would recess the stove so that it is flush with the counter tops when the stove cover is closed using a flat stove top cover. That would increase functional counter space.
          The back splash is really cheesy looking, too. They should have carried it all the way up to the bottom of the microwave and to the right edge of it, as well. It looks a bit lost. I wonder if anyone has found the same material used to add to the back splash size.
          The wall in the living area with the mirror, shower access panel, thermostat and solar display looks a bit lost, too. It needs something to dress it up.
          I think the shelves in the bedroom closet should be removable and include a rod for those wishing more hanging space. Pull-out drawers on rollers under the bed would increase clothing storage. I have seen some at IKEA that I would probably install if we get the AF.
          The bathroom door to the bedroom appears a bit short. I think the height of the door should be as tall s the sidewall. The gap is going to let in a lot of light in the morning.
          Otherwise, I'm pretty satisfied with the overall look and decor of the rig.


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            After reading this thread, we decided to go with the 27-5L and began the process today. We don't know whether to select the Onan 3.6K LP generator option. Dealer wants about $5,500. After doing a little research, the price seems high. What other generators should we be considering? Thank you all in advance.
            Diana & Michael
            Hawaii Island and Alaska
            2017 Ram Laramie 3500 4x4 Cummins 6.7 diesel


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              We have same 27-5L. Ended up with two 2000 watt Smart Tool Generators at about 50 lbs each and $667 each Most folks seem to like the Honda's best however. Honda's run $1000 ea plus a bit of added equipment for maybe 2300.00 total (?). The 3000 watt generator weighs about 150 lbs. Too heavy to lug around. The 2000 watt gens can go in your PU or in front storage of 27-5L and still leave good space for other items rather than an Onan which will use up the entire front storage. The price you where quoted seems a bit high, but I never priced them myself. Somebody else surely can answer that question for you. Two 2000 watt generators is a very common choice.
              Neil and Marilyn and Beemer (feline)
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              2016 Arctic Fox 27-5L, Progressive EMS HW30C Surge Protector, Plug-It-Right 510 TPMS, Sailun's G rated, 2 Smart Tool 2000's


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                If ordering a new trailer I would order the factory built-in Onan generator. Over the years you own the trailer you'll use and enjoy the push button convenience of having ac power for appliances regardless of where you are parked. You'll forget what it cost.

                I ordered a new fiver with Onan 5.5kw genset several years ago. I enjoyed and appreciated the generator and it increased desirability and resale price when I sold it.

                Now, on my second hand AF26X, I have a Yamaha 2400 hanging on a shop built rack on the back of the trailer. It functions fine but requires routing an extension cord from genset to the trailer's 30 amp power cord and hand starting the generator. Certainly doable but simply not as quick and convenient as pushing the button to have 115vac power available. Refilling the gas tank by hand in cold or wet weather is not as convenient as LPG either.

                We stop for lunch wherever we happen to be when traveling and usually overnight at locations of convenience such as "Wal-Mart Resorts". My wife uses the generator every time we stop. This means I go outside in all weather to gas up the generator, connect the wiring harness, and start the generator.
                Harvey Barlow
                USN Retired
                Crosby County, TX
                2008 Dodge Ram Quad Cab & Chassis, Cummins ISB6.7 Aisin CM Flatbed BrakeSmart Transfer Flow 200k+ miles
                2011 Arctic Fox 26X, Yamaha 2400


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                  Diana, I would say to figure out how often you would use the generator. For us itís our 3rd source of AC Power, first being shore power, 2nd solar and an inverter once I have it installed, 3rd being the generator. If you plan to be not connected to shore power a lot, considering solar might be a good option. $5500 you would spend on the Onan will go a long way to paying for solar and you will enjoy not listening to a generator. We already had a Honda 2000 prior to getting our AF, itís use now is too many cloudy or shaded days donít let the solar panels do their job.
                  Rolland & Judie, 2 Shelties, Cozmo & Brinkley

                  2016 AF 27-5L, 4 pt Leveling, Dual Pane Windows, 10 Cu Ft Fridge, 15K AC, Central Vac, Progressive Dynamics hard wired EMS, Slide Toppers, 2 Fantastic Vents & Covers, TST507s, 480 Watts Solar Charger, 440AH AGM Battery Bank

                  2005 Chevy Silverado 3500, Duramax/Allison, Crew Cab LB 4x4 B&W Companion


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                    When talking to the dealer they had somebody that would install after the trailer came and said the installer jacked up the price just for install to $5,000
                    So far I can only recall needing to run the generator twice the other times it was more about just exercising it.
                    Liked the LP option due to not having the gas turn to varnish ...... kinda wish they had a diesel option as having the TV be the same is a +

                    Some things to answer to help you answer your own questions others have mentioned.
                    Do you stay where it is hot and not connected to power ?
                    How big of a battery bank?
                    How big of a solar setup ?
                    Inverter big enough to run about whatever you need ( or know what you cant run )
                    With that generator I don't think 50AMP is an option so your 2nd AC is not prewired
                    Resell value

                    Resell value and not having it if/when wanted was our primary reasons.
                    Yes we are spoiled

                    You may ask this in a new thread as this will keep the sheriff from chasing you down and you will get opinions from people that would not read a thread about a 27-5l
                    Last edited by Art; 12-07-2017, 06:26 AM. Reason: mention possibly another thread
                    2004 Chevy 3/4 ton diesel crew cab short box
                    2017 Arctic fox 27-5l 50Amp 5.5 Gen, 4 6 volt, 450W solar,ARPrv,michelin xps,built in surge suppressor, 4 step instead of three,Holding Tank Heat Pads and 4 Point Leveling System


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                      FWIW - We ordered our living quarters horse trailer with a gasoline-burning, built-in Onan. It is a 4 KW genset that set us back about $4500. It says something like "whisper quiet" on it's cover, but I can tell you for sure that it is NOT at all "whisper quiet". Like Harvey described, we REALLY like the convenience of a push button start from inside the rig. However, the noise is very irritating inside the rig and is much worse for those parked anywhere near us, which is really disappointing in light of the price we had to pay!!! (We are still looking for ways to quiet this beast, but haven't been convinced YET that spending even more money will significantly reduce the noise.) Anyway, we obviously had noise/price concerns when we decided to order our 27-5L. On top of that, we learned that a gasoline-burning genset is NOT even offered by NW. For us, being forced to use LP gas was a huge problem because we primarily boondock in fairly remote areas. In such areas, LP gas is NOT always available whereas gasoline almost always is. Even if we found ourselves out of gasoline in some very unusual circumstance, we could manage. However, running out of LP gas would certainly end our trip (because there would be no fridge, no stove, no hot water, no heat). So we decided to use a Honda 2000 with our 27-5L. We believe we will do fine with single Honda in combination with a ~$300 "smart start" for the AC. The Honda truly is "whisper quiet", and the total outlay will be less than a 1/3 of what we paid for the Onan.
                      Darrell & Chris (retired)
                      2018 AF 27-5L 4-pt auto leveling
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                        Thank you for mentioning the Sheriff, Art. I wondered about him when I pressed the post button! These responses have helped us decide to pay extra for the dealer installed Onan 3.6K LP. Future responders, please DM me instead of posting to this thread, thanks! Sheriff if you are reading this, I'll mend my ways.
                        Diana & Michael
                        Hawaii Island and Alaska
                        2017 Ram Laramie 3500 4x4 Cummins 6.7 diesel


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                          I bought two of the Hondas, but have never used them. In fact, I'm tired of carrying them in the truck bed. I have fairly capable solar and rely on that mostly. I think the key question is what Art said, "Do you stay where it is hot and not connected to power ?" If the answer is yes then solar just won't do although I can run my AC about 15-30 minutes with battery + inverter. I'm snowbirding in Arizona starting in January, and will try to go to Quartzite for a few days to meet everyone. If it is hot, then I would need the Hondas. I'm still debating whether I bring them or not. Number two son wants one for ice fishing. Never been able to put those two words together myself.
                          Steve and Shelley. Minnesota
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                          , 440AH Lifeline AGM, aka Fiona