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  • Attn: Truck Camping Folks

    Need to pull something behind your truck camper? Well, I have the following:

    TORKLIFT D1102 Super hitch
    TORKLIFT 36 inch extension bars
    TORKLIFT D2115 front camper tie downs
    TORKLIFT D3505 rear camper tie downs
    2 sets of TORKLIFT camper tie down insert brackets
    Includes all required mounting hardware and bolt fishing lines

    This equipment was installed and used on a 2012 RAM 3500 DRW pickup WITH a factory hitch. In this application, it is a completely NO DRILL, bolt-on application! The buyer should check the Torklift site for a complete list of other trucks, WITH a factory hitch, that can use this equipment without drilling. (I don't want to accidentally misquote anything from the Torklift site.)

    This equipment was only used 2 years and is in good condition except for the paint. (Use ended with the 2014 LQ purchase and the decision to sale followed a recent trade of my Bigfoot TC on a new 27-5L.) It comes powder coated from the manufacturer, and the powder coating does not hold up on a vehicle undercarriage. Automotive grade paint used on the RAM frame works well, but powder coating does not. So, I would recommend painting before installing.

    This package is about $1700 new. I am asking $400 (or the best "reasonable" offer) where the buyer pays shipping.

    (Friendly advice if you decide to buy a NEW hitch: I believe TORKLIFT is an exceptional product. Great design, great fit, great function, BUT paint is NOT SO great. So I would completely remove factory powder coating by sandblasting or other means AND repaint with automotive grade products BEFORE you install. I know this sounds ABSOLUTELY crazy, but I've had 2 of these hitches AND I look at every one that I walk past. I can assure you that powder coat chipping and subsequent rusting starts right away. Although the mfg suggests sanding and touch ups as soon as you notice a chip, it is not that easy to do and very, very hard to keep up with the continual chipping. So, you will end up needing to paint anyway, AND it will be much, much easier to do BEFORE installing!)

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    Darrell & Chris (retired)
    2018 AF 27-5L 4-pt auto leveling
    2014 Lakota Bighorn LQ, 14 ft SW, 3 horse, slant load, gooseneck trailer
    2006 Hart, 3 horse, slant load, bumper pull trailer
    2012 Ram 3500 CTD DRW